food zine launch 

Delighted to announce that Magiun #1 is finally out, in digital form, and can be seen, read and commented upon at

Magiun is a magazine about everyday food. This first edition deals with eating in isolation - the struggles, the joys, the unexpected discoveries, the newly added anxieties.

Print version out soon!

Anyone know what this plant is called? The flowers are so stunning, found it in my neighbourhood.

Been growing French breakfast radishes on my balcony for weeks, and this is the largest one yet. How do I know when it’s ready?

open call for food zine 

In the midst of our collective quarantine, I’m fighting against my lack of motivation by putting out an open call for a zine. My relationship with food/eating/cooking has changed dramatically in these weeks of physical distancing, and I want to document my experience alongside that of others. Looking for text, images, lists, recipes, for a digital zine which will be shared freely. Please share this fwd. More info here:

Tangerine and lemon zest kombucha came out really really fizzy and tasty. After 2 days in the fridge for 3f, top blew off when opened, worth it however!

Trying to keep myself happy by baking and not use too much of any ingredients in one dish. Found this lovely, low resource sponge cake: 200g flour, 150g sugar, 2 eggs, 125ml milk, 100g butter, 1tsp baking powder, pinch of salt, few drops of vanilla. Mix dry ingredients, then wet, then together. Pour in pan and top off with any frozen fruit you may have, I used raspberries. Anyone got something similarly enjoyable and low-resource to share?

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seeds I am giving away to UK people: [boost pls!] 

these are all from opened packs I've not used all of:
- cayenne peppers
- corno di toro mixed (sweet) peppers
- ildi tomatoes
- orange berry tomatoes
- kelvedon wonder peas (early dwarf var.)

these are ones I've harvested the seeds of myself:
- sweet peas [white flowering]
- sunflowers
- Apache chilli peppers [good for growing indoors!]

I'll pay postage, DM me if you want any

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Just got and read the latest edition of on the history of carbs. Delighted to see they have a full spread of references and further reading recommendations.

Just got a nice bunch of food from the food co-op we started in Rotterdam, and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. If you live around here, join us to get bio food at bulk prices, but also to hang out with folks who are into food!

Been reading lots of book on food politics/history/economics and so on in the past few years, but am a bit tired of getting American perspectives on these issues since I don’t even live there. Anyone got recommendations of books focused on Europe primarily, but also other non-American regions? Do share!

Currently on a trip in SE Asia, and using pork cracklings as a topping for any kind of food is the best thing I’ve seen so far.

Second fermentation time for some strawberry apple kombucha, first try at it, hope it doesn’t explode.

Not a great shot, but made kimchi tofu mandu and pork gyoza with friends, turned out lovely.

Haven’t shared anything here for a while so here’s dinner: donuts and ricotta/spinach filled pasta shells in tomato sauce.

I just had a potato pasty I brought over from Stratford-upon-Avon and I can honestly say I’ve discovered the definition of bland.

Replacing quiche crust with hashbrowns might have been the best thing I tried this year. Next time: make it thicker, bake it for longer.

Currently reading: “I dream about the restaurants of the future, where you go not just for an injection of new flavors and experiences, but for something that’s really positive for your mind and body.” I’m inspired by René Redzepi’s future food vision, as opposed to current “meal replacement” representations of what future food could mean.

Ending the year with a fresh batch of kefir, thanks to Food Hacking Base at

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