Been reading lots of book on food politics/history/economics and so on in the past few years, but am a bit tired of getting American perspectives on these issues since I don’t even live there. Anyone got recommendations of books focused on Europe primarily, but also other non-American regions? Do share!

Currently on a trip in SE Asia, and using pork cracklings as a topping for any kind of food is the best thing I’ve seen so far.

Second fermentation time for some strawberry apple kombucha, first try at it, hope it doesn’t explode.

Not a great shot, but made kimchi tofu mandu and pork gyoza with friends, turned out lovely.

Haven’t shared anything here for a while so here’s dinner: donuts and ricotta/spinach filled pasta shells in tomato sauce.

I just had a potato pasty I brought over from Stratford-upon-Avon and I can honestly say I’ve discovered the definition of bland.

Replacing quiche crust with hashbrowns might have been the best thing I tried this year. Next time: make it thicker, bake it for longer.

Currently reading: “I dream about the restaurants of the future, where you go not just for an injection of new flavors and experiences, but for something that’s really positive for your mind and body.” I’m inspired by René Redzepi’s future food vision, as opposed to current “meal replacement” representations of what future food could mean.

Ending the year with a fresh batch of kefir, thanks to Food Hacking Base at

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