Been reading lots of book on food politics/history/economics and so on in the past few years, but am a bit tired of getting American perspectives on these issues since I don’t even live there. Anyone got recommendations of books focused on Europe primarily, but also other non-American regions? Do share!

@Alcstrt A tip for a novel that comes to mind is Michel Houellebecqs’ Serotonine featuring a relevant protagonist: technocrat in the agricultural sector of France. It’s pretty casual or “en passant”, not very detailed, but you get a sense.

Bread of Dreams: Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Europe, Piero Camporesi

@andrej do you happen to have a digital copy of this? Couldn’t find it online.

@Alcstrt Sorry, no. Recommendation came via a friend who has also no e-version.

@Alcstrt I'm not a massive book person, but very into food & land related stuff.

Can offer you the recent Cereal series from the Farmerama podcast.

Real interesting look at economic, social & environmental impacts around grains/bread and the industrialisation of grain agriculture and bread production.

Podcast RSS feed

Farmerama: 'Cereal', Episode 1: Flour, water, salt


A pleasure. A couple of favorites, that highlight less often considered perspectives.

Small farms are just so much more productive per land area. Just generally production:financial cost is considered

Via Campesina represents 200 million small & peasant farmers.

Also find this article very interesting

#agroecology #farming

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