Since all my attempts to store/preserve a $60 plastic greenhouse to survive for a srcond winter have come to naught, I think im going to knock together a couple cheap coldframes.

Gold might not be but pink wings was patented in 2015, so I can totally break the law there :)

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Im fancy, i have PATENTED plants! I think, unless the patent on the Everydaylily line has run out...

Should not have built anything, now im constantly having to remind my GF I am not a carpenter. My carpentry skills befin and end at slapping boards together with screws.

In your just gonna make it worse news I need to build a small greenhouse.

And here we are, my first episode of and : I've found all of these four beauties -well, three beauties and a cyclamen which is fighting to stay alive- in the same dumpster: I was really shocked since this orchid looks almost better than mine. I really can't understand people and their literal craving for throwing away EVERYTHING and keep on buying new stuff.
Right now they are being kept on preventive quarantine to check for bugs and parasites.

My Girlfriend painted my for an art class. This was from the first year.

It looks like this. I'm going to add in hay for the walkways.

The beds are filled 1/4 with native soil, 1/4 with municipal compost, and half with Kellog's Garden Mix.

It looks like this.

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At three of the corners of each I used a 4 ft tall 2x4. Attached to these are some fencing panels bent in half. This creates a trellis on each bed that is four feet tall (great considering I have young kids), and a bed that can fit 9 square feet.

Even though I don't stick to square foot gardening, I do find the seeding squares handy. I've already planted one bed with lettuces, and another using my seeding square. The latter is planted with Kohl Rabi, Kale, and Perennial Kale.

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So in response to my slightly polluted rock light soil, set above an outcropping of solid granite, I've decided to build my raised beds.

I built them out of 2x4s. These are still fairly cheap, even if they were significantly cheaper before the pandemic.

The bed consists of 4 walls three 2x4s high. Ideally this would be a foot tall, but since the boards are slightly smaller than 4 inches its actually 10 inches high.

Gardening under the influence, Alcohol. 

Flowers Grow
Whiskey Flows

I think my interests are veering into Urban Horticulture. I blame growing up in broken suburban sprawl and watching way too much "Not Just Bikes" and "City Beautiful" lately.

Just about done. Only thing left is to mulch the walkways with some straw. My new patch.

Some progress in my garden revamp. Got 4 10" tall 4' x 4' beds with built in trellis supports built and partially filled with site topsoil. If im lucky my compost will top it off.

A park bench supported by two steel RR car wheels. This is in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland Ohio. Photograph made with a Sony a7R IV with a Tamron 35mm F2.8 Di III lens. #MastoArt #Art #photography #Photo #Photographie #train

I suppose it doesn't matter that smoke from wildfires has delayed rebuilding my garden, Seed Savers is having issues with garlic this year and mines been canceled.

Seven Days, a newspaper focused on local Vermont issues, has written an article about Chelsea Greens anti-vax support. Its sadly not surprising to anyone who has been on their mailing list for any length of time and been offput by some of their offerings. Also a pretty good example of how "worker owned" is a fairly broad term.

"Vermont Publishing House Chelsea Green Is Peddling Coronavirus Misinformation"

Well im done fighting my soil lol. Time to redo my postage stamp garden with raised beds. A smart man would have done something when the soil test came back with off-the-scale levels of several micronutrients, but I decided to play "eye of the tiger" and continue on.

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