@Capheind @plants Wow! I planted some warty pumpkins this year too, but I've hardly even got flowers yet.

@susannah @plants Bakersfield California. I can start seeds in a cheap plastic green house right in the middle of winter, and get them out in early April. We also have loads of heat units and the most unobstructed sunny days in the country.

This all makes it really hard to target a harvest date since they can come in at or well before the standard "days to harvest".

@Capheind ah that makes sense! We can get plants out in the garden on the BC Sunshine Coast in early April without worrying about frost, but it’s generally pretty cool and days are relatively short for the first while. Plants definitely seem to creep along for awhile! Also I did start my pumpkins from seed outside in May. I’m so impatient, but you’re right that it’ll be better if they’re not ready till Halloween!!

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