Butterscotch chocolate chip cookie from A&J King Artisan Bakery in

The flavors on this are spot on! The butterscotch shines through with caramel and walnut notes that are emphasized by the flaky salt on top. The sparse chocolate chunks balance well with the dough. The texture of this treat is consistent throughout, reminiscent of an oatmeal cookie, settling between crunchy and chewy. I want this cookie with a beverage that will soak into all of its crevasses.


Forge Baking Co, brown butter chocolate chip cookie

It might be that yesterday was quite warm, but this cookie tasted like it came straight out of the oven - the chocolate was gooey and the cookie dissolved in my mouth. It’s got a good dark chocolate that forms sheets throughout the soft well-baked cookie dough. For being a brown butter cookie, the caramelized flavor was subtle compared to the bittersweet chocolate, making a good balance of flavors.


Stopped by my hometown bakery, Kretchmar’s in , outside of

The tiny chocolate chip cookie is a perfect treat, definitely hits those nostalgic Entemann’s cookie notes, with a thin dough and tasty chocolate chips.
The large cookie is delightful with generous amount of chips and chunks of different cocoa percentages. It’s got that crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-in-the middle quality. The bottom has some nice caramelization, and there’s chocolate in every bite!


Starting it off right, with a local classic: Lyndell’s Bakery in Somerville, MA

This chocolate chip cookie looks unassuming, but it’s a crispy treat! It’s rare to find a cookie that is crispy all the way through, and this one delivers that crisp: from the thin golden-brown edges to the crunchy tasty middle. The chocolate chips are small pieces that don’t get in the way of the crunchy, thin texture. I want this cookie when I’m in the mood for a crisp biscuit with tea.

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