What brands would you recommend for vegetarian based "meat"?

I for the longest time used Gardein, but what would you recommend?

Bag ready for work tonight~ 16 hour shift.

Orzo rice with butter and some herbs for lunch
Flan and soy milk for breakfast
Crackers and peanut butter for snack
Water throughout

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Criminal mischief 

In the coming class war, we who support the state will be better armed than forces that want to disrupt it, so police and pro-state forces should be on the lookout for guerrilla warfare tactics, like:

- being glitterbombed for later identification
- marbles being released underfoot towards police lines
- widespread awareness of camera locations
- intimate knowledge of streetscape
- rooftop spies with binoculars
- intentional traffic jams

Food pics, meat 

Egg noodles and hamburger meat. Bouillon and gravy cooked into it all. Amazing flavor

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being mixed race 

A lot of the time it doesn't feel like I can geuinely identify as a person of color because I didn't grow up in my father's culture, I grew up in an all white family instead. I'm not white passing at all, though, yet it's like my own skin color doesn't "belong" to me. I guess it doesn't help that people have invalidated me in the past for talking about my experiences as a POC when they didn't ask for it. It makes it difficult sometimes to participate in conversations where people ask for perspectives from brown people, since it doesn't feel like I'm what they're looking for

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#florespondence from this evening. i think they're (first to last picture) arctic starflower, some kind of rapeseed(?), red campion and gill-over-the-ground.

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From a caregiver to persons who cannot get a vaccine due to their age: 

To everyone still choosing to wear a mask in public spaces despite what your local authorities mandate.

To everyone keeping a mask on during large indoor gatherings where the majority around you remove theirs.

To everyone masking up if and when it is possible for you to do so.

Your efforts are not in vain. Your actions are not unappreciated.

I see you. I appreciate you. I thank you. 💛🫂

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It's time for my favorite part about being an astronomer: an observing night! Tonight, I'm on the Palomar 200 inch telescope, although I'm doing the observing from home. I've been a bit swamped with other things to talk too much about #Astronomy, but tonight's the perfect opportunity to get back into it.

So, for the next twelve hours, let's enjoy the fun! #SciComm #Space

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Foraged some #nettles today!! Cooked them for dinner in unsalted water and kept the tea as a treat. Like spinach, I maybe had a 1/4 left from cooking 2 cups... #foraging

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Summer is starting to come around which tends to me making more salads. This is one of my favorites, melon salad with halloumi cheese and avocado. Made a lemon vinaigrette for the salad to brighten it up a bit.

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I'm not a big fan of laptop stickers, but I'm apparently good with them if it's one big sticker. Anyway, my fancy rainbow wood-panel ThinkPad now has a new keyboard and trackpad, and a 1TB drive. I've reinstalled all my stuff now and got it back how I like it.

Now to get back to the point where I can rebuild all the Chinwag services on it and we can actually do some updates!

Yesterday's dinner chose to make a family special with a bit of change.

Spanish rice was the classic browning rice in oil, then adding tomato sauce and water with a bit of chile powder.

Then took some vegeterian hamburger "meat" (not sure the right word for it still sorry) and experimented with frying it and adding in the necessary child powder and flour to make red chile to make it with.

It tasted amazing, and from what the receipt says, was a bit cheaper than normal beef. Noting this. 💚

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I'm the chef that changes his screenname every other year or so. I ride bikes as my main mode of transportation and for my mental health. For the latter I need to leave traffic behind, thus: mountainbikes. I use Linux, even though I don't understand it but just because I hate corporations. Same reason I use LineageOS. Only exception: Marvel comics. I've been reading those since I was 5. I'm also active with some social and climate projects if I have the time.

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Love a good , saw the segment on where they visited the, fairly new, British national collection. Very tempted to just grow hollyhocks and let the bumblebee hoards come.

Should I go get soy milk to make smoothies with my strawberries with.

That is the question

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Past me was smart for using the normal orzo pasta tonight instead of the chickpea one.

Because the stove decided to be a pain in my ass, and burned the orzo pasta. I was making arroz con pollo so now may have to change it up

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- finely chop alliums (I used garlic, shallots, leeks). cook in tasty oil until you're bored
- add pasta and stock (or water) until covered. cook uncovered until al dente, then cook covered until done. stir frequently
- salt pepper lemon if you want

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Since right now I'm feeling the dumbest person alive I'm trying to focus on something beautiful, like my pink lilium blossoming right now.

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