YESSSSSS. For my first time making meatballs this is incredible.

Whoops, a few of the meatballs have broken open and spilled their delicious secrets.

Meatballs are roasting at 375°F. Sauce is simmering. Pasta water is on the heat. This is gonna be good.

Settled on spaghetti and meatballs. Gonna do a 2:1 beef/pork roasted meatball stuffed with a little mozzarella nugget, red wine tomato sauce, and the pasta obvs.

I’m at the grocery store but idk what my batch cook is gonna be yet so hit me with suggestions.

today is fried smoked sausage, a banana, and some mysterious homemade sourdough toast. Also Glengettie brand tea from Wales!

Had lunch on the square in Marietta, GA. The Nashville hot chicken at The Local (the restaurant, not a pub) is just incredible.

I’m standing here making dinner in the kitchen, topless and with unbound hair, and there is no one here to glance at me lustily.

This is a travesty.

Dinner tonight is leftover chicken but fresh made couscous and salad.

I fucking love couscous.

Today my tea was a custom blend of 2:2:1 assam, Ceylon, and lapsang souchong, enjoyed with raw turbinado sugar and cream.

Probably my favorite right now but it’s kinda high-effort. My low effort go-to is a sachet of ty-phoo and hot water from the keurig.

What kinda teas y’all like? Varieties and brands.

I’m a black tea man most of the time.

This is the most recent meal I made for myself. Breadless fried chicken, lightly baked gold potatoes, and a torn romaine salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and smoked bleu cheese. Pretty good!

Hello! My home instance is down for the morning so I finally made an account here! Here’s some taters that I cooked the other day.

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