Swung by the farmers’ market and picked up a ham and cheese croissant and some fried pies for before work.

Left right as a pair of cops walked into the market. Yuck.

Did some weeding in the garden again this morning. The peas are not looking as vivacious as they had been but it’s been VERY hot. I do have a handful of baby peppers though! And dozens of pepper flowers. Garlic seems to be doing well although I’m not sure about the onion.

The mystery pepper is also coming up but not yet budding.

Picked a fig off the tree next to my house.

They sure are weird looking on the inside, but the taste is ok.

• loaf of “everything” bread
• 2 bags of spicy toasted nuts (got a deal on em)
• jar of candies jalapeños
• a tomato
• a praline for mom

Nothing like a fried peach pie while you walk and shop. Expect a haul pic after I get home.

I’m closing at work tonight which means I get to go to the goddamn farmers’ market.

Stir fried some of my snow peas from the garden. Yum.

My jalapeño bushes are frickin 2ft high and blooming all over. Peppers are coming soon.

Harvested some more peas and a few communal squash. The pepper bushes are blooming and my garlic is shooting to boot! And the communal corn is showing silk and feeding lots of bees.

Had time to swing by my before work this morning. Grabbed some fried pies for breakfast and a big bottle of wildflower .

I wish I could go every week!

Got stuff to make homemade pizza. Will report back.

Decaf earl grey with chamomile is a great choice for bedtime. Splash of whole milk and a little turbinado sugar.

Now it’s time for ICE CREAM with MAGIC SHELL!!

Decided it was time for something of a balanced meal so I have made a salami panini with horseradish and mustard and a chopped salad from a bag, with some spicy chips on the side.

I gotta work on some low-energy meal plans or something.

Just a FYI, as this is my only alt: outbound federation at retro.social is currently borked, but our heroic admin @ajroach42 is working valiantly to fix it.

I am rooting and replying and faving like a whirling dervish but you might never know!

I actually did today’s on the grill because anytime I sear something at home, it sets off the smoke alarm, and I did not have time for that nonsense today. Still very tasty and well-cooked! But not well done, because I am not a fucking asshole.

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