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ND/NT Comm 

I'm NT, and my default writing style is characteristically imprecise. I welcome and encourage requests for more precision or to otherwise clarify, whether or not I know you. This is how I use some terms:

= shorthand for "my typical meaning"
most/majority = more than half
vast majority = between 75-90%, depending on value of 100%
almost all = above 90-95%, depending on value of 100%

I'm sorry I don't have the spoons to default to a more accessible writing style.

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Me, humor

When I'm tired, whatever part of my brain processes humor usually goes offline. I start interpreting words literally, and respond accordingly. When I @ you something weirdly concerned after your joke, that's why. Sorry.. it's me, not you. You're probably frickin hilarious.

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@oya ".. this idea of *usable outsiders.* Morality is predicated on sorting humans into two groups: fellow in-group members to whom one owes a moral standard of conduct (e.g. you may not murder them, you may not steal from them), and out-group members to whom one owes nothing, and consequently of whom one is entitled to make whatever use one can impose by force or fraud."


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This is long, scary, and important. Please check in with yourself before reading.

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US, Long COVID research, PASC 

NIH is funding research into long COVID at sites all over the country. Responding to patient input, people whose COVID pre-dates the tests can now participate. If you're interested in joining a study:

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The original video of my artwork here.
Stay tuned, to discover more infinite stories!


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I live in a time where I can go unto a vast information network, and watch many artisans of all kinds work passionately and intimately on their crafts, making beautiful new things.

And that fills me with wonder, and awe. 💖 ✨

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Hormonal hot flashes during a heat wave are unacceptable. That is all.

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the world may be burning but if we're really determined, the people who made it this way could be too

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Planning to get gas for this vehicle when I'm here tomorrow, because I feel like poop today, isn't lazy. It's delayed responsibility. It's not only fine—it's smart, and respectful of my current abilities.

I hate that that's a tough narrative to accept, even when -I am telling myself- because -I am The Poop-.

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type of person who "likes fun"

like could you be any less descriptive? saying you don't like fun at all would be more interesting

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It's worth clarifying that when people on here talk about hating landlords, they're not talking about your pensioner grandma who helps make ends meet by renting out her spare bedroom.

They're talking about corporate entities who gamed the system in order to accumulate unfair amounts of wealth, and then used that wealth to buy up housing en masse, thereby creating artificial sacricty of shelter, allowing them to charge whatever they please for it.

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You do not. I repeat, YOU DO NOT have to pay to change your name.
Use this service to enter your old & new name, print it, sign it & BOOM!

100% completely legal, no one can stop you, & if they do, well, you can kick up a fuss because it is legal what you are doing

I’ve used it, works perfectly fine.
Once had someone question, but I just said it’s a legal document.

#name #change #namechange #uk #share #boost #trans #LGBTQIA

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I've essentially stopped listening to NPR & severely limited the amount of time I let myself scroll the bird site. It's not that I don't know about the endless parade of brutal & terrible news & commentary; I just can't continue to soak in the trauma.

And living in outrage is not activism.

Last night, I put on music & did a bunch of handbuilding. Maybe art can't heal the world, but it heals me.

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Does anyone know of any good support groups or support networks for folks with #mecfs that are NOT on Facebook? I'm looking to get away from FB but I need to conect more.

I'm thinking of bulletin boards, wbsites, online communities, that kind of thing. Any ideas?

Thanks! :)

@chronicillness @disability @mecfs

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It seems scary but it's honestly not that complex: figure out how to be hurt and disappointed and get comfortable hurting and disappointing others. Challenge yourself when you notice that you're demonizing someone for upsetting you. Allow yourself to be mad at people without needing a reason to think they're a bad person and allow others to be mad at you without taking on their projections. The reward is greater peace in your life and stronger connections to others. 4/

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For all of those freelancers & contractors out there, with inflation as high as it is you probably need to raise your day rate by 10% to essentially keep your salary from last year. You shouldn't have to take the pay cut because your gov. is letting energy and food companies rake in profits.

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can't believe you guys are sleeping on a monkey war. an actual monkey war

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No Rights Reserved © 2022 Alexandria Asternova | End Users Are NOT Prohibited By The U.S. Law To Redistribute This Online Content

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On #InternationalNonBinaryPeoplesDay, I, a non-binary woman, am here to remind you that non-binary people do not owe you androgyny.

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Request for help, predatory publishers 

Does anyone have a good recommendations of predatory journal lists, especially for math and computer science? Asking for someone not in academia who does a lot of reading in the field and occasionally publishes and is getting very annoyed at wading through the cruft.

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Had covid recently and trying to figure out how to get back to exercise and normal activity levels safely? There's expert advice on that!

Note - this advice is *not* for people experiencing long covid symptoms - this could make long covid worse.

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vent poem 

Give me more Opinions about the economy,
About how the workers deserve
A little less for
A little more.
Feed me your article,
Freshly picked from the Ideas section,
and I will
Swallow it,
Try to digest your 12¢-a-word piece.
Even on payday, it would be a windfall
To fill my stomach with something
Other than rice and Red Bull.

#anticapitalism #poetry

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I am 100% uninterested in why you don't care about a thing I enjoy, why would anyone think they should tell someone that

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