I'm trying to figure out how to use boosts effectively and appropriately. Particularly:

Is there any cultural downside to reboosting toots someone I'm following already boosted?

How much do folks who've been here a while limit their boosts?

@Fishercat just boost freely! I never limit my boosting. That's the nice thing about Masto compared to birdsite.

@Fishercat for the people I follow who boost a lot of posts, I will often hide boosts from them so my feed doesn’t get too cluttered (its an option on someone’s profile page after you’ve followed them)

So in that sense boosts are more effective if you boost less, since it means people are more likely to see it. But it also means you don’t have to worry too much about overwhelming people with boosts because they can always opt out

@Fishercat I try not to flood the tl so I’m quite selective but if it’s a cool bug I’m prolly gonna have to boost

@Fishercat If the toot is ~ 1 week old an has been boosted by many people in your close network is the only time I would even think about annoying aomebody with that. Any other time: go and boost.

Boosts are needed to connect people from different ends of the network who don't follow each other. They are the engine that drive your timeline.

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