I haz cranberries!

They are quite hard at the moment. I guess they'll ripen as the weather improves?

@GwenfarsGarden where are you that you can have cranberries in February?

@plantarum I'm in Sheffield, UK. And it's winter and the north of England!

This is a cultivar given to me by a friend in the mists of time, and it often seems to put on the fruit late autumn into winter. It's only been in the ground (previously in a pot) for less than a year, so don't know if this will change it's habit.

Btw: when are they meant to fruit?!

@GwenfarsGarden they fruit late summer, early fall in Canada. It's common for them to hold their fruit all winter though (I thought your toot indicated they'd only just formed fruit).

At this point the fruit is fully ripe. In Canada they may soften/sweeten a bit as they freeze and thaw over the winter. I'm not sure if you get cold enough in England for that.

@GwenfarsGarden Commercial harvest is in the fall. Some Indigenous groups harvest in the spring, collecting the sweeter berries that have been on the vines all winter.

@plantarum I only just noticed the fruit. I think I follow the indigenous knowledge and wait until spring for sweeter berries.

I would have though we would follow similar seasons to you. Maybe now it's finally in the ground, it will go back to fruiting in the right season.

@GwenfarsGarden I also have cranberries in my garden. Here's what they look like today:

@plantarum 😮

Our weather is all over the place, we should be experiencing similar weather.

@GwenfarsGarden I've had mine for 5 years or so. They've flowered a few times, mid-summer, but have never fruited. I think they don't get enough sun where they are

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