Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

@rabbithearth yay! Are you going to keep the biggest ones to sow for next season?

@GwenfarsGarden sure am!! i'm gonna get 30 heads this year on starters from friends last year, i think i'll expand that for next year :)

@rabbithearth excellent. 30 bulbs sounds like a lot, but easy to get through.

I think I sowed about 80 last autumn (I have 8 different cultivars so like to grow a good number of each)


@GwenfarsGarden several of them will go into planting, many will probably be swapped with friends, some can get pickled, i agreed to collaborate on garlic bread with a new baker.. yeah, 30 will be great :)

80 sounds like great number! i know i have at least three different types in mine but they're all kinda mixed up at this point 🙃

@GwenfarsGarden (also garlic is such a good morale boost for me, especially during the early season when i'm impatient or despairing about delicate seedlings, i can always look over at the garlic patch and trust that there will be something to eat eventually)

@rabbithearth OMG, absolutely this. I'm always telling people to grow the autumn-sown ones for this exact reason. Just knowing they are in there cheers me up no end.

@rabbithearth swapping is good. In the past I've done big garlic giveaways, but this year it will be a smaller one, because I'm not growing as much as in the past (like last year I grew about 120!)

Tbh I don't notice a lot difference in flavour, apart from those that are really strong. For me it's soil conditions and storage that matter the most. I got given the 8 types about 10 years ago and have kept growing them on.

@GwenfarsGarden I am desperate for hardneck garlic because the scapes are SO GOOD

@Cobalt ugh, somehow I missed this. If you cannot get hold of any and are in the EU, I could send you a few cloves in Autumn

@GwenfarsGarden I'm not or I'd have taken you up on your offer last year. But thank you so much!

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