Gonna! Do! Some! Raised! Beds! This week!!!

three 4x8 beds going up to replace a terrible hedge. finding stuff to plant appears to be a challenge as everyone with land is having the same idea right now

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Turns out one of the few places still shipping seeds is the hipster row 7 seeds so we’re gonna grow some habanada peppers (mild habaneros), tiny butternut squashes, and bitter cucumbers

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would it be insufferable to name our three raised beds ferris, cameron, and sloane

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soil and stone delivering on Friday, get ready for a lot of raised bed progress pics

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as always I do my designing in Pages because everything else is intimidating

we’re getting ph neutral compost/topsoil mix delivered along with crushed stone for the aisles/borders. I think we’re going to do square foot gardening but we haven’t totally figured everything out

Dug out all the stumps to get rid of the uneven ground/tripping hazards. Tomorrow I’ll lay out the basic shape of the garden in landscape fabric

i want to lay out the landscape fabric but it's just raining a bunch

savor the extremely pleasing sound of three tons of crushed stone being poured onto a tarp by a dump truck

Accomplishing what we can when our working hours are “daylight hours when baby is asleep” which are not extremely easy to come by (especially on a very wet and rainy week). Landscape fabric is cut and opened up, the bottoms are lined with cardboard.

yes the shovel still has a sticker on it we did not have outdoor tools in our fourth floor Chicago apartment ok

Okay we are ready to plant (but not today. Tomorrow there is a gigantic wind and rain storm coming. Oh well)

Here’s a better view of the whole garden, alternating heights, the back is full sun, the front gets a bit of shade throughout the day

Holding up well to the stormy weather. Doesn’t look like any planting will start this week based on the forecast, but my mom is starting our kale and marigolds indoors at her place

picked up border fencing to keep the buns out but it's too windy and cold to put it up today 👎

fence up (will probably have to supplement with some mesh, but it’s a start), and beets, snow peas, carrots, and green onions planted.

beet sprouts! i did see a robin hopping in between the fence yesterday. going to put some chickenwire up between the fenceposts to hopefully deter some of the hoppers and creepers. hardening off some kale right now for planting. last frost was yesterday in our zone (6).

used some rubber pipe insulation to border the fence because sydney snagged her clothes on it a few too many times. after a few seasons we'll probably get a big fence but this has been decently effective so far. also pictured: big chive flowers and new pepper towers for jalapeno and habanero peppers

yeah i know the border looks like shit the string trimmer is my father's day present and it's not here yet

Garden fact: all vegetables are baby vegetables as long as they’re exposed to sufficient quantities of baby

<) )╯squash tunnel
/ \
\( (> ships
/ \
<) )╯today
/ \

so far bunnies haven't breached the fence, and i've only seen good bugs (long-legged shiny green flies and ants). lucky!

#gardening #raisedbeds #composting

this whole deal is going pretty well considering there was nothing here but a shitty hedge on april 8th

This heat wave is saying "DON'T READ THIS" to my lettuce and "hello" to my tomatoes

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