Ok, the ultimate poll...

If Marmite doesn't win, our mental model of the world will collapse. 😝

@CreatureOfTheHill you mean if Vegemite doesn't win, our metal model of the world will collapse


@GwenfarsGarden you mean English marmite right? 'Cause antipodean marmite is a whole other thing.....

@dadegroot @GwenfarsGarden 100% I’m so glad there’s one other person with taste here David

@GwenfarsGarden I went on an anti-Kraft boycott back when it was owned by Philip Morris. Which meant no Vegemite. I found Marmite a perfectly acceptable substitute but it was still no Vegemite.

@GwenfarsGarden I see there's no 'neither thanks, you can have all mine' option. That's what I vote. ❎

@soundandfury :) I'll take your Vegemite but throw the Marmite into a volcano.

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