question: What is your favourite herb/herbs* (up to 3) that you use for cooking or making drinks?

The ones I cannot do without are: Oregano, Thyme and Moroccan Mint.

Tell us your faves! :boost_ok:

*Not spices or veg like garlic, just herbs.

Coz plant nerd, I've been keeping score and so far the top herbs are:

1st place: Rosemary (6)
2nd place: Chives (5)
3rd place (equal 3rds): Basil, Coriander, Thyme & Oregano (4)

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The latest numbers for the top 3 herbs are:

1st place: Basil (18)
2nd place: equal 2nd - Rosemary & Thyme (12 each)
3rd place: Coriander/Cilantro (10)

If anyone else wants to tell me their top 3 herbs (herbs only!), do so before 6pm Wed 9th Sept. After that, I'll post the full list :)

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@GwenfarsGarden My affection for parsley comes through my Hungarian heritage.

@pelagikat ahhh. Parsley is one herb I'm not really fond of. I think that 80's thing of adding Parsley to every dish put me off

@GwenfarsGarden basil, oregano, and rosemary.

We use so much basil I grow it more like a leafy green than an herb. It goes into pesto, or is combined with oregano for tomato sauces.

The rosemary was a big overgrown bush in a too-shady spot outside the front door. I’m frequently snipping bits of it to season chicken or potatoes. I’m also trying to get the shrub under control while establishing more in other parts of the yard.

@edebill I love basil but struggle with growing it, so tend to often use Oregano in it's place.

I'm deliberately growing a small species of Rosemary, because the standard ones can become massive and really woody.

@GwenfarsGarden I wish I’d known before planting mine, or at least kept up with regular pruning. Despite not being happy enough to bloom, my rosemary ended up about 4 ft tall and almost 5 ft wide. Truly monstrous, and all dead through the middle so when I started trying to cut it back it got ugly quick.

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@GwenfarsGarden Basil and Chives are my daily goto herbs, I find it difficult to grow enough to meet demand.

Rosemary is another firm favourite for seasoning meats and potatoes usually mixed with Oregano and Thyme. Thyme on its own with a bit of cheese is delicious.

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@carbontwelve @GwenfarsGarden what sort of cheese do you use for that? Would a cheddar work?

re: om nom nom 

@edebill I normally use something boring like a cheddar so it compliments the herbs flavour. Same with basil actually. If I have cheese and crackers its normally with either thyme or basil.


re: om nom nom 

@carbontwelve @GwenfarsGarden oh nice! I will have to give this a try. I only recently started growing thyme and haven’t quite wrapped my head around the flavor and how to use it.

re: om nom nom 

@edebill @carbontwelve it can depend on which Thyme you grow too, as they all have subtle (and sometimes no so subtle) differences.

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@carbontwelve ok, so I have basil and chives. Which one out of Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme would be your 3rd?

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@carbontwelve cool. Thyme is quite versatile I find.

@GwenfarsGarden I recently (re)discovered just how magical bay leaves are, they’re not really the STAR of the show, but they make everything else about the dish shine just that much more. Also, now I’m going out to the garden to sample some things my spouse is growing, will report back.

@Chris that's a good point, Bay can add body to the flavour. I'll add Purslane and Chives to the list too :)

@GwenfarsGarden Reporting back from the garden: I’m also adding purslane and garlic chives.

@GwenfarsGarden Honestly, I could give you a top 3, but oregano just totally dwarfs everything else

@GwenfarsGarden the ones I use the most fresh are probably Italian parsley, thyme, and rosemary

Honorable mentions to tarragon, basil and chives which love to die on me

Oregano is better dried so I don't bother growing it

@ehashman that's interesting re Oregano as I prefer it fresh. I actually fine Golden Oregano grows into a nicer place than standard Oregano, yet the taste is the same.

1. Coriander
2. Curry leaves
3. Dried fenugreek leaves (It provides a roundedness to a lot of curries)

@viv interesting. I haven't tried Fenugreek - so I must look out for that. We make a mix of Indian and Thai type curries, so it would be nice to try in those.

@Xjs @vicorva Rosemary is so popular. I so use it, but clearly not enough!

Never tried cooking with it, but it's supposed to get sticky, since it's related to okra. I've been eating the leaves in salads.

@gender_noncompliant ahh. I knew marshmallow was edible, but never knew what you put it in. Salads, cool.

Mugwort is great for making fatty dishes more digestible and tastes good, and you can pick it almost anywhere

Bear's garlic is fun to look around for, I filled my freezer with it back in spring

And I miss having winter savory in the garden, I chould change that

@anarchiv Mugwort - I've heard of it but had no idea it was edible. What do you cook it in?

I'm assuming Bear's Garlic the same as Ramsons, Allium ursinum (given the ursinum is latin for bear).


@GwenfarsGarden anything meaty prepared in the oven, like chicken or venison, but it's also great in conjunction with marjoram because the two give, let's say, mashed potatoes a kind of salami aroma, it's a fun to experiment with herb

yep, that's the one.


@anarchiv interesting, thanks. I'll look out for it.


@GwenfarsGarden it's basically a weed around here, I find it spread out all over the city each summer

@GwenfarsGarden hnnnng no that's so hard I'm Mexican. I guess mint, basil, and bay leaf.

@popstar that's why I pushed people, so they would really have to think about absolute faves :)

mint, basil, thyme
though rosemary and chives are also high on the list. Really depends on the dish I guess :)

@FiXato it's not easy picking 3, I just wanted to push people :)

I also feel there's a difference between the ones I like the best, and those that are the most versatile and thus used the most. :)

@FiXato yes, I am similar, in that I find some easier to grow, like Thyme, and therefore that gets included over Coriander, which I struggle with, even though I possible like Coriander more.

@GwenfarsGarden mint up top. Parsley isn't a fave, but it's a core part of a few favourite meals, so probably gets a pass. Err... After that it's pretty hard, I use more spices than herbs. Probably fresh basil? (Thai or Italian)

@swift this is why I deliberately chose herbs only, to see what people would come up with.

@GwenfarsGarden dill gets honorable mention because nobody mentioned it yet.

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