Just an fyi to any followers on, now would be the time to move instances. A lot of other instances are silencing and even defederating from M.S., so you are going to find yourself blocked because of this.

There are lots of great instances out there - check out where your mutual are at for ideas. There's a whole new world just waiting for you :)

@andrej a lot of on going problems, but the latest is massive issues with moderation (from lack of, to very bad), and ableism.

@GwenfarsGarden I dont use this instance as it seemed like the generic catch-all instance. What would be the reason that the "main" instance is being silenced?

@Catwoman69y2k a lot of on going problems, but the latest is massive issues with moderation (from lack of, to very bad), and ableism.

@GwenfarsGarden I know that, while each instance is different, they have thier own sort of rules. However the most common ground between instances (incl the main one) is rules against hate speech. (and any instance that allows that shit is defederated quickly).

So if the main instance is enacting such ableist behavour (and not taking any ownership of it)...that makes me wonder of this might be a sign re: the viability of Mastodon (as a whole) for a Twitter alternative

@Catwoman69y2k @GwenfarsGarden I guess that's the nice thing about ActivityPub/the Fediverse; you don't need to be using the same software to be on the same network. (I'm on a pleroma instance atm)

@Gaffen @GwenfarsGarden Yeah. At most, when choosing an instance, you may take a moment to look to see what (other) instances are federated to the instance you are thinking of joining.

@Catwoman69y2k @Gaffen definitely. I have two accounts and they are on small instances with strong mods and clear about what they stand for (and will not stand for) and who is silenced/suspended.

@GwenfarsGarden I already moved a while back but this sounds serious. What happened?

@SinnahSaint @GwenfarsGarden as far as i can tell the brief version is: a .social mod made a bunch of ableist jokes and comments, made fun of people for reporting them, is still a mod and eugen has said absolutely nothing. also .social doesn't actually forbid ableism in its code of conduct so technically he didn't break any rules or something?

@SinnahSaint @natrixnatrix that was a good summary. And in general, their moderation is patchy, if not downright bad.

@ratwerks I think the best thing to do would be to look at the actual "receipts" and decide if it's worth the fuss or not. In my view there's nothing worth commenting on, I think mods have the right to anonymously vent about rude reports directed at them, and the mod in question apologized for the language used after being calmly spoken to.

@hamefang I don't know about that instance. Maybe do a toot asking around?

@GwenfarsGarden how do i change instances? Do i have to go through the whole process of making a new account or is there a shortcut?

@confused_mess you do need to create a new account on your new instance, then can move your account. Details here

@GwenfarsGarden Question, if you're on a very small private instance, does it make that difficult to see other folks? Finding people on here is fun, but I want to avoid "marketplace of ideas" garbage.

@jenalyze @GwenfarsGarden The answer’s yes... kind of. If you want to see people you don’t follow (or the people they boost) you need to subscribe to a federation relay or two. And it’s hard to find relays that aren’t either very limited or completely indiscriminate and full of channers/nazis. The best I’ve found so far is

@GwenfarsGarden Does anyone have any suggestions as to which instance I should migrate to?

@delvethedragon Look at the people you follow and check out what instances they are on. If you find several from the one instance, they might mean it's a good fit.

@GwenfarsGarden Thanks. I don't really have too much Mastodon experience, and I haven't fully learned the ropes yet. I only recently started to actually use it, even though I created my account earlier this year.

@delvethedragon ah, it is a bit harder if you are new and don't follow a lot of people. It's hard to recommend instances to people because it can depend on your interests, politics etc.

If you check out, they are collecting suggestions for instances to recommend. It’s just starting, but might be worth coming back to, to see what else is being suggested?

@GwenfarsGarden Dope. I've been looking around, checking out the different instances. I'm sure I'll find one that suits me soon enough.

I appreciate the help!

@delvethedragon I personally love, and Rage.Love (I have a 2nd account there), and often see good people from Weirder.Earth, Radical.Town, Queer.Party. But all this reflects my interests!

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