So, Stammers in Star Trek Discovery, keeps pronouncing fungi, as fun-gee, instead of fun-guy. I've not heard anyone ever pronounce fungi this way before, even by Americans I've, met from different parts of the US. So who pronounces it fun-gee, besides the writers on Discovery??!!

OK, so it turns out lots of people say fun-gee, from different countries! How have I got to 53 and not heard it said this way before now?!!!!! Including from carbonspace friends?!
Rhetorical question ;)

Am very sad because there is a world of people out there that won't get the fungi joke :(


Further to the Stamets & fungi discussion, for anyone who like me didn't know...

The Paul Stamets character is based on a real Paul Stamets who is a mushroom expert in Canada. He is looking at how fungi can be used to "save the world" by cleaning polluted soil, replacing toxic insecticides and even treating viruses.

Read about him and the work he is doing with fungi here:

HT to @dani for sharing this originally.

@GwenfarsGarden @dani I looked him up on wikipedia and found this gem "He has two children from a previous marriage, one of whom is named after a hallucinogenic mushroom."

apparently he's a graduate of the college down the road a ways from my house.

@technomancy @GwenfarsGarden @dani My understanding was that the mushroom was named after his son, not the other way around.
Though the son _was_ named for the characteristic shade of blue the family of mushrooms often bruise.
Very amusing nonetheless!

That photo of him in the article is one of the few we have seen where he is *not* wearing a hat made out of shrooms. Pounding polypore with ashes to make a felt like material, a method we would like to try but not managed to get enough details of to figure out yet.
Now we are lighting a fire again as thr cold appears, we may have to experiment.
He speaks really well, his lectures are well worth exploring on YouTube.

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