Another 'double' snowdrop, this is Galanthus 'Ophelia'.

More pics, including a comparison for those interested, with the previous snowdrop, G. Dionysus, in the blogpost:


@GwenfarsGarden I didn't know there were snowdrops with double blossoms! These are beautiful!

@petrichor there are quite a few doubles, but they tend to be lesser known. I've got a couple more I'll post in the next week or so :)

@petrichor we used to go there a lot with my mother-out-law (who is mentioned in the blogpost). They have they most stunning winter garden in the UK, in my opinion. And yes, a wonderful collection of snowdrops.

@GwenfarsGarden so pretty ☺️ thanks for beautifying my feed this morning!

@GwenfarsGarden beautiful! I love the white edging on the inner petals.

@GwenfarsGarden I can't get over how pretty these are. I mean, I already liked snowdrops, but *double* snow drops?!

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