We need more gardeners, I.e. as a career. I don't mean the slash & burn type, that mow your grass within a mm of its like & who take the chainsaw approach to hedge trimming. I mean people who know & love plants, & who can help people make the most of their gardens.

Am struggling massively trying to find one of the latter in Sheffield. All the gardeners seem to already have more work than they can cope with.

We need more gardeners!

If anyone knows of a good plants type of gardener in Sheffield, I'm looking for someone to do a couple hours fortnightly, in season (Mar-Oct). Plus maybe some occasional time Nov-Feb. And of course pay the going rate, plus tea.

@GwenfarsGarden My old housemate quit nursing to start a landscaping business. He was rushed off his feet in no time. No advertising or anything. All word of mouth, he said he was overwhelmed with the demand.

@sullybiker Good landscapers can be hard to find too. I thankfully have a good one, just struggling to find a good gardener.

@GwenfarsGarden I bet it will be great when you get it sorted. Can't beat a good garden!

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