Recipe: Carrot, parsnip & red lentil soup 

I have a glut of parsnip to use up and made this soup today and it's delicious. The sweetness of the carrot and parsnip is complimented by the tang of cumin and garlic. The lentils add protein.

Have put the recipe on my blog:

Trying out a Parsnip and Carrot soup, with red lentils, garlic & cumin. Fingers crossed it tastes as good as it sounds.

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Tonight I made Gwenfar's Fried Rice, which is an adapted version of Special Fried Rice. It has bacon as the meat (or leave out for veggie version), plus mixed veg, egg, cashew nuts, and ginger & garlic, throwing in soy sauce at the end.

Boxing up the Mushroom pasta sauce batch. 27 meals all up.

The recipe includes pine nuts, olives, portabellini & chestnut mushrooms, and :garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

Today's batch cooking music was The Big Chill soundtrack, and the Best of OMD 🎶

Making a big batch of Halloumi & Cauliflower curry today, adding in some French beans and Courgettes from the garden.

The cooking part is easiest, it's the preparation that takes the most time. Currently having a rest before putting it the 10l pot. Just cleaning and cutting up veg is tiring. But the end result makes it worth it, as it should make up approx 24 meals.

In case you didn't know, you can freeze parmesan cheese. Grate it first, then put it in a container or freezer bag, and freeze.

Then just get out what you need as you need it. I find that it doesn't need much time at all to defrost.

question: What is your favourite herb/herbs* (up to 3) that you use for cooking or making drinks?

The ones I cannot do without are: Oregano, Thyme and Moroccan Mint.

Tell us your faves! :boost_ok:

*Not spices or veg like garlic, just herbs.

Today I managed to harvest the first of the Broad Beans. I didn't have quite enough fresh beans for the recipe, so I threw in some frozen ones with french beans and broccoli too.

I made a simple Broad Bean, Bacon and Potato dish, with scapes and mint from the garden too. It tasted delish. And we have enough for tomorrow night - yay!

Questions about blanching before freezing vegetables...

Do you have to? Can you get away with not branching some veg?

I.e. can you just cut up and freeze pumpkin/squash and skip the branching?

What veg have you successfully frozen then later used without blanching?

I'm thinking of this from a perspective, where I have limited energy, so am trying to reduce the amount of work and spoons needed

About 12 litres of Pumpkin and Red Lentil soup now ready, after surviving the dropped garlic incident of 2019.

It's based on this recipe:, but with no onions (am allergic) but extra garlic.

I only had normal thyme, so added some lemon juice. Plus a bit of paprika. And added a small amount of Agave Nectar to add a slight sweetness.

Result: it tastes really good!

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Hi all, I thought I'd join Kith Kitchen as I do like talking about growing, cooking and eating food, and thought it would be nice to follow other people interested in this and learn new recipes and ideas from you all.

Due to having a chronic illness, I'm a very slow gardener/cook, and I'm always looking for ways to grow/cook that uses less /energy!

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