My local Hardy Plant Society group is going to have it's first Zoom talk tonight. I'm quite excited because it means I can attend, whereas I wouldn't be up to going to a venue.

Tonight it's 'Fifty Shades of Green’ - the talk is on foliage in the garden.

Growing food gives me so much joy. I might not grow as much as I used to, coz , but the bits I can grow, wow, all the happiness 💜 🌿 :plantmage6:

Mission planting achived! The last 4 cultivars planted: Persian Star, Susan Delafield, Martin's Heirloom and Rosewood. About 80 cloves sown all up.

I'm completely wiped out now, but so happy to have the garlic planted. Woo!


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Making the most of the combination of a sunny day and having a little bit of energy to get my planted today.

So far I've planted 10 each of Metechi and Silver Rose. 6 more cultivars to go; after I've had a rest!

Making a big batch of Halloumi & Cauliflower curry today, adding in some French beans and Courgettes from the garden.

The cooking part is easiest, it's the preparation that takes the most time. Currently having a rest before putting it the 10l pot. Just cleaning and cutting up veg is tiring. But the end result makes it worth it, as it should make up approx 24 meals.

Just realised I've gone into 'hyper' mode and need to slow down, well, stop. Hyper uses up energy I don't have.

So I'll respond to toots/tweets in a couple of hours.

Argh. I've done all the prep, but now too exhausted to actually make Risotto tonight. sigh.

It will keep until tomorrow.

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Front garden: Spring 2020 overview, in pictures

Lots of pics on the blog. The photos posted here are the before (when we moved in, Nov 2017) and May 2020, to give you an idea of how it's changed.


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Brain fog has been a big problem the last couple of months and I'm struggling with writing/blogging. So I've just decided to go easy on myself, and post a 'in pictures' post, with minimal text. The flowers kind of speak for themselves, anyway!

Health, mecfs ~ 

Ok, I think, by the amount of pain I'm in all over my body, it's time to bloody rest.

The more exhausted I am, the worse the pain is, which is a useful indicator. I'm just not very good at listening to it because I want to DO STUFF.

So, time to be a good bunyip and go rest.

Selfie eye contact, #MECFS, #MillionsMissing 

So often I fake being well. Today, this is the real ME.

Haven't had the energy to shower for 3 days. Going downstairs to have breakfast has exhausted me. Now back to bed to rest, again. In constant pain. Lockdown has been my everyday life, for years.

Don't want sympathy, I want investment in ME research!


#mecfs, negative 

I peeled 4 potatoes and 3 carrots and now I'm utterly exhausted.

Weather, health, grumbling 

You know, if the weather is going to change and send sinus pain into the stratosphere, it could at least bloody rain. I have two empty water butts, a garden that's parched, and now another pain to leave me with no energy (I've have non-ending pain for over a week already, that's left me crushed).

Grumble grumble... 🌧🌧🌧

Health, faking being well 

Like a lot of people with chronic illnesses, I often question whether maybe I'm just faking it, and really I should just try harder.

I had one of those thoughts today. Then this evening, just stirring some rice made my muscles overreact and send shooting pains up my arm. My partner had to take over. Reminding me again, if there is any faking going on, I'm mostly faking being well.

mecfs pain, but also thanks 

Ok, the pain is going into full NOTICE ME mode and I think I have been on the computer/Masto too much today. Must get off and rest.

It's just been so lovely on here today which has really cheered me up. Thanks all.

Slightly in shock. Good shock though, as I've been approved for a 'Blue Badge', which means I'll be able (able, ha!) to park in the Disabled parking spaces from now on.

I really thought they were going to reject me, so this is wonderful.

Today is a v. Bad day, and I've just realised I barely have the energy to type this lying down in bed.

Just want to say thanks for all the bread suggestions. I think there are a few that meet my criteria. I'm going to look into them when I'm feeling a bit less crushed by exhaustion!

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Was dreaming and in the dream I was in pain. Woke up and I was in pain. It would be nice if at least in my dreams I could be pain free. Sigh.

Health - 

When most people* get tired, they are just tired. When you have and get get tired (read utterly exhausted just by going downstairs), the ache all over, that flu-like ache, and the pain, ramps up.

Just grumbling...

*healthy people

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