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The store had enormous bunches of cilantro for one dollar. There’s no way I’ll be able to use all of this. I’ve rinsed it and spread it out and I’m going to dry it I guess???

TXPol, pandemic + incarceration (+ cap as i get more frustrated) 

OH THATS RIGHT. This wasn't advertised as loudly as THE NATIONAL GUARD IS COMING TO HELP US was but we also have INMATES on the C19 front lines helping to move bodies along with the national guard because we are so fucking overwhelmed

you already know who makes up the majority of inmates! lets not even get into how 80% of covid related deaths in the texas county jails awaiting trial were NOT CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME. they were just stuffed in there for not being white.


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Update after thoughtfully chewing one: Also a similar texture, with a tiny burst of broccoli flavor.

Duly noted for the unlikely event that I make a prank savory cake.

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Hmmmmm kale seeds are about the same size as round cake sprinkles.

mushroom growing thread, they look more like mushrooms now 

They grow so fast, a lot of these will probably be fully grown and ready for eating within a couple of days

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this year we decided to press our own olives into oil- it’s going okay for the first time! gonna let it settle for a couple days, and experiment with filtering in the meantime! also, if anyone has any experience or feedback they’re willing to offer it would be very much appreciated.

crocheting a scarf for my mum's birthday next week (figured if i stuck to something simple it would actually get finished in time). i love this yarn, i think the colours look like a beach on a misty day. I've had it forever waiting for something good to do with it, but this seems like the right project.

@GwenfarsGarden i get commercial organic bulb food and apply following the directions. I like the EB Stone brand, but have also used other products that were organic.

Saffron corms like to be fed after they bloom, and again in late Feb or early March right before their leaves start to turn brown.

The has now been cut down for winter. As you can see in the first photo, asparagus can become quite a big plant (c. 1.5m tall).

In autumn you cut all this off, to just a c. 10cms above the ground, as in the 2nd photo. I then made sure any weeds were removed, then added compost as a feed. If I can can my hands on some well-rotted manure, I'll add that too.

The mesh cage is to keep creatures off - asparagus does not like being disturbed.

My midgem berry hedge arrived! Obviously quite a way to go before I even consider planting it in the right place, but I've got them all potted now and I'll see how they go in a nice sunny spot for a while.

#florespondence #gardening

Looking at that one #saffron blossom that has struggled to emerge all week, it was clear it was time to dig and pick it.

This is day 28 of the harvest, and two days before the latest date I have ever gotten a flower. I will continue to observe but this could very well be this year’s final flower.

#gardening @plants

Salvia madrensis blooming like mad, with luminous yellow blossoms #florespondence

This plant nearly died earlier this year when 3 major stems split. I was able to stake and support 2 of them (now blooming) and the third became cuttings that are now 6 new plants 😀Next fall is going to be awesome.

What looks like body positivity but is actually fatphobic? A particular popular tumblr post I see doing the rounds again ...

🌻 ✨ Body Positivity: There is no 'instead'

CW: fatphobia

Tiny cornfield update! A couple of the cornstalks are looking substantial and starting to grow rapidly. 2-3 of them seem to have failed but there's no real indication as to why.

I planted a companion bean at the base of each stalk, and most of them have sprouted, I guess they now just get more wrapped up as they get taller.

Two butternut pumpkins have been planted in the middle of the cornfield too, and they're starting to grow out too.

#gardening #florespondence

It's been about two weeks, and I'm back in the office again, so here's a plant update!

Not much change overall but you can see the big one has progressed a bit along the office door, and seems to be going for the bin by the desk.

Quick snap of another one too, that's really keen to get up the wall by the conference room, probably for the view out the window.


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My African violet has decided to bloom today. It made my day.
#plants #flower


Single user instance:
For Federating/boosting/interacting with plenty of users from fashy instances (, etc.)
I'm posting this in particular for them boosting a poll from snow @ suggesting that could be "handled" by a DDoS or "Gas Chamber" so here's your #FediBlock buddy.
A bunch of other stuff too, but that should be enough I'm sure x

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