Oh no, I don't have enough followers to be listed in the Popular People List. 😱

My brick bread still tastes good so I count this as a win since this was the first time baking something with anything other than the whitest wheat flour.

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It seems like I should mix different flours because 100% rye flour resulted in a very dense brick.

I'm using new flour for my bread and I'm excited. This is what gets me excited, wow...
Anyway, I'll have bread at the end of this.

I hacked off half my finger when trying to cut bread and now I can do things only with one hand which makes baking bread kind of difficult.
I need a bread machine.

ARGH! I forgot my dough for like 20min and now it hasn't doubled but tripled. I'm overrun by bread dough, send help!

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It's happening, bread dough is proving.

Just ordered some groceries., including four different types of flour because BREAD!

I wanted to bake bread today but time got away from me. Tomorrow then.

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