Me, two hours ago: I really don't have time to make muffins, I have so much else to do.
Me, now: oops? Priorities

The 7yo made a nice caprese with our homegrown basil and tomatoes. He is correct in his determination that there's no such thing as too much olive oil.

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trying to explain to the kids why star wars, marvel, and everything else is on disney+

me: disney owns everything-
7yo: oh, really? do they own your water bottle? do they own your FACE??
lisa: you just got owned, john

Building a castle out of cake like a normal person

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Moon Palace Books is an independent bookstore located just behind Minneapolis police precinct 3, the starting point of the riots. When the police tried to set up a barrier around the store they said no thanks and instead set up a station to give protestors food, water, treatment etc. They even hung an “Abolish the Police” banner in their window.

Please consider using this small business if youre looking for more books, they’re doing mail orders. Here’s their website.

Kids and I made cupcakes for a mood booster. My recipe for American buttercream is
1) Beat two sticks of extremely room temperature butter with enough sugar and a splash of milk so it's the correct taste/consistency.

but seriously I've never been happy with online frosting recipes so I usually just wing it with the proportions.

Me and the kids painting a brick wall with cornstarch, water, and food coloring

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this street sweeper slowly puttered past with it’s big brushes spinning and then just parked on the side of the road. (we’re in the middle of the woods at a pull-off where people park to go fishing)

20 mins later this truck comes zooming up with it’s sign flashing, and idk why but it cracked me up so hard, like

sweeper: bro i’m sweeping but no one’s paying attention to me
sign guy: bro i got you i’m 20 mins away

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my 5yo told me i’m annoying but cute and pretty. i said i’ll take it.


Macarons project yesterday. For filling I made French buttercream for the first time, which is great for macarons because it uses up the egg yolks leftover from the shells. I added lemon curd to one half and aforementioned salted caramel sauce to the other half.


I think I've found a new obsession; I'm currently letting rest a new batch of blue shells. The plan is a blueberry cream cheese filling. 💙💙💙

Made some sea salt caramel sauce (for flavoring macaron filling, stay tuned!)


I'm not allowed to make a birthday cake for someone without almost having a panic attack at least once. Breeeathing.

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