Roast chicken for dinner. Oh Yes!

How do you get the perfect crunchy roast potatoes? See favourite way in the picture attached.

Excuse me while I put the honey roasted carrots in the oven!......

I cooked a Rib Eye steak perfectly rare last night, along with home made onion loaf, triple cooked chips and peas. It was delicious! Perfect for a Friday night 😊

Why is it so hard to find thick cut steak at the supermarket these days?

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I've just had one. They're incredibly deeelicious 😋 I can't be held responsible if they don't make it until tomorrow evening 😈


Found myself watching some old GBBO and next thing I know I had a batch of cheese scones

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Belly pork with homemade double cooked rosemary sweet potato chips, roasted peppers and steamed brocoli for dinner tonight. Can't wait as I'm starving!

Here's the for the Chicken, Pancetta and Mushroom Pie. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I do.

This is my favourite . , and . I love making it from start to finish and it smells amazing. Naughty though 😉. I will post the recipe soon 😊

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