Today's stay-at-home soup: white beans and chicken with lacinto kale and onion, and a side of cornbread.

Tonight, a crustless quiche with Greek yogurt, chicken sausage (aidells mushroom Swiss), rainbow chard, baby lacinto kale, onion, and maitake mushroom. I hope I have enough eggs...

This box has one really local farm but also sources from a LOT of places. I see fruit available from Dole, from Mexico. I didn't love to see that. But if you poke around, you can choose items that are more local, and the prices and qualify are a bit better than the store.
Given, I have been incredibly disappointed in grocery stores in the PNW. We'll see how long we keep doing this. It's good for now.

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This is the one where you get to pick what comes in your box instead of getting what's local.

Winter here is leeks and potatoes and apples apples apples. Oh but I do miss that purple sprouting broccoli.

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The delivery (mostly) organic (moderately local, ish) fruit and vegetable subscription box came to our area and we gave in and signed up. I've been meaning to get back to the CSA but I really dread going to pick it up, so this seems like an okay compromise. Ish. I'd feel better giving my money to the small small farmshare but this is still better than the nothing we were doing.

I've been making a lot of curry lately. It's all been a turmeric and coriander-heavy mix that I threw together myself, but I have been meaning to pick up some green curry paste to switch things up.

Korean-inspired pancake with chicken, cabbage, onion.

Also, roasted green beans with garlic and onion. So much garlic.

Here's a dish that is kinda pricey to buy but pretty cheap to make: Thai (style) green papaya salad. I wish I could have gotten my spiralizer to work, but grated with the food processor is good enough, and so easy. I only had Vietnamese anchovy sauce, not nam pla, Thai fish sauce, but it tastes good, I added a bit extra because nam pla is fishier and saltier.

In my attempt to clear out and rotate my pantry, I made amaranth.
I bought it because I read it can be popped, but I just kept burning it and then the rest went on a shelf. So yesterday I cooked it up to a consistency much like stiff grits. Or polenta. But it tastes much earthier. I don't love it, but if I cover it in butter and cheddar (like grits) or red sauce and parm, or even brown sugar and cinnamon, it's fine.

Maybe for my fancy Xmas crowd-pleaser dessert next year I'll do one of those surprise eggs that you pour a hot sauce over and it melts to reveal a fancy cake inside.
The one from s6 e4 of GBBS with a galaxy egg revealing a stack of little choux pastry turtles just might be my favorite.

Better but still uneven. Idk! Still pretty good though, if you like pie crust.

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Oh I think I need to try much harder to get them the same thickness. now that I think about it, I bet that side was thinner.
But I found the measuring disk handles for my rolling pin, so next time I will make them exactly 1/16" thick. I have one more rectangle of dough mixed up from this recipe.

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I made crackers with the discard (unfed) sourdough starter! They taste like funky pie crust. I put a bit of lavender in them, it's not really noticeable but I think that's often when lavender is at its best in food.

They came out really unevenly baked, despite rotation and moving levels in the oven. I think next time I'm going to try with convection on. They aren't risen and that's really what doesn't like convection right? Or just anything that would dry out too much? Also not an issue.

Tonight's menu: a white bean, turkey, and acorn squash chili. Contains lots of onions and a fair bit of coconut milk because I didn't have chicken stock, a great idea. I will repeat that!
Served with baked curry sweet potato "fries" and (not pictured) Greek yogurt.

I made green lentil falafel-waffle things, with a tahini-lemon-black pepper emulsion. They were tasty but whoa dense. I have so much mix left, thankfully cooking it in the waffle iron is really easy.

Ten hours after first feeding. (That was after initial 60 hours). Bubbles!
It's alive!

First sourdough starter feeding done! I probably should have fed it last night, but I didn't want to start my every 24 hours schedule at midnight. I probably should have. I hope it's ok, there was definitely too much yeast waste in the jar when I got up today but I scooped from the top, hopefully I got a good selection of healthy yeast to keep going.

I flubbed lime bars because I tried to super-size them. Oh well. They taste fine but the texture is more like curd. Ah well. I was just playing around on a whim and a craving. My sweet sour citrus craving has been kicked. Now what do I do with the rest of these...

But the stew was judged a win. My spouse has made an impressive amount of it disappear.

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