First sourdough starter feeding done! I probably should have fed it last night, but I didn't want to start my every 24 hours schedule at midnight. I probably should have. I hope it's ok, there was definitely too much yeast waste in the jar when I got up today but I scooped from the top, hopefully I got a good selection of healthy yeast to keep going.

@Mint I don't think I've ever kept to a strict 24h feeding cycle with mine. It is pretty big though.

@artsyhonker Oh that's good to hear! I've been worrying about my ability to stay on a strict schedule. Not my forte.
How big is your starter? The recipe I'm using only yields one cup each day (1/4 c of starter, 1/4 c of water, 1/2 c flour). It does seem small.

@Mint Mine is at least two cups. I feed it approximately half a cup of flour and half a cup of water anything from daily to weekly, and I never remove any waste, just stir the liquid back in sometimes. I only take anything out when I'm baking with it. I make sure to feed it the day before I want to use some for baking. If it's above ~25°C in the kitchen I put it in the refrigerator OR start feeding it daily.

@Mint When I bake bread I use about 4c flour, 1c sourdough culture and 1c water.

I didn't use a commercial starter for mine, I dunked some local elderflowers in a flour/water mix for a few days. The first few loaves tasted strongly floral!

@artsyhonker you got your wild yeast from elderflowers!? That is so cool. I'm not using a commercial starter either, I guess this recipe is mostly using whatever yeast are already in the flours?

@artsyhonker oh wow! Thank you for this insight! I didn't know that feeding without starting a new mixture was an option. That would make for quite a large starter. I think I like the idea of a big starter.
I'm definitely relieved to hear that I'm not going to poison my culture if it gets waste liquid in it.
25C is warmer than it almost ever gets here! I think my culture might be growing a bit slowly because it's barely 20C in here.

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