In my attempt to clear out and rotate my pantry, I made amaranth.
I bought it because I read it can be popped, but I just kept burning it and then the rest went on a shelf. So yesterday I cooked it up to a consistency much like stiff grits. Or polenta. But it tastes much earthier. I don't love it, but if I cover it in butter and cheddar (like grits) or red sauce and parm, or even brown sugar and cinnamon, it's fine.

@Mint I have a bag amaranth sitting on my shelf as well. Same deal, tried popping it but kept burning most of the grains. The successfully tiny popped ones reminded me a little of puffed rice. I should try cooking it for breakfast this weekend.

@Sybil I wish it was as easy to pop amaranth as all those crunchy mom-blogs make it sound! I think I had maybe a 20% success rate. Popped rice is a good comparison though! As porridge it's l pretty foolproof but I think popped was much tastier.

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