The delivery (mostly) organic (moderately local, ish) fruit and vegetable subscription box came to our area and we gave in and signed up. I've been meaning to get back to the CSA but I really dread going to pick it up, so this seems like an okay compromise. Ish. I'd feel better giving my money to the small small farmshare but this is still better than the nothing we were doing.


This is the one where you get to pick what comes in your box instead of getting what's local.

Winter here is leeks and potatoes and apples apples apples. Oh but I do miss that purple sprouting broccoli.

This box has one really local farm but also sources from a LOT of places. I see fruit available from Dole, from Mexico. I didn't love to see that. But if you poke around, you can choose items that are more local, and the prices and qualify are a bit better than the store.
Given, I have been incredibly disappointed in grocery stores in the PNW. We'll see how long we keep doing this. It's good for now.

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