Out of all of Henry VIII wives Anne of Cleves made out the best. She kept her head, never had to live with him, and was given a title and pension that kept her safe and secure until she died. I'm not saying she didn't have some scary moments as one does when married to a narcissist and tyrant, but she made out better than the others.

I made a tuna sandwich today and had leftover tuna salad so I dumped it into some pasta, cheese and cracker crumbs in a tiny casserole dish. Tuna casserole for 1 coming up.

Tonight's dinner is coconut curry beef stew and I'm super happy with the colour it achieved.

Going to start an inverted pyramid scheme where one very rich person gives lots of people less rich than them money. Also the rich person ends up with 9000 boxes of toilet cleaner in their garage for some reason.

It will be extremely emotionally manipulative and, in addition to taking the rich person's money, it will also make them feel bad.

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Representing the Empire as one does on

Clearly I needed butchers string which is impossible to find here for some reason. Oh well it will still taste good.

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Okay so today's dinner is going to be a pork tenderloin stuffed with an arugula spinach pistou with garlic and cream cheese.

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"...This is a personal writing, and I will say that I don’t know if I have had the luxury of being able to depend on the political and socio-ideology of others as a safety measure of any kind; I can’t afford to be ignorant of this life. A lot of Women of Color I have spoken to have shared their stories across the kitchen table with me, we knew about countries of colonial dominance and their operations..."



So it's done. Basmati rice, and smothered chicken with lots of veggies. Like I said chicken pot pie without the crust.

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Starting my prep for smothered chicken
From left to right my ingredients, seasoned chicken, sautéed chicken, and minced onions and garlic.

Today is a lazy day of hanging out with my husband and watching TV, but later I'm going to make a smothered chicken dinner. I have stock, boneless chicken thighs, and we live in the real North of Canada so this time of year our fresh produce is absolute crap, we rely on frozen veg. I have a nice california mix to round it out. Think of it like chicken pot pie without the crust.

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

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