Part One of my big announcement, I've signed my first publishing contract with Renaissance Press, and will be have my debut novel published sometime in the next two years. Super excited to be working with such a prestigious and inclusive diverse publishing house.

Part two is coming once Jason Robins has time to help me make it.

Stay Tuned...

do you dweebs get it yet? this is an existential struggle that spans all of society and your 5d chess podcast wizards aren't going to save you by hiving off sacrificial demographics. you don't compromise with a bear by giving it an arm to eat and expect it to be satisfied

Optimism isn't the belief, when things are going poorly, that everything will be ok

It's simply the belief that it's possible to make things better, even though they're bad right now

Medieval England: At least 25% of men are named William, John, or Richard, 50-70% have names that are among the top ten most popular.

Also medieval England: Here, have a list of 1000 dog names so you can keep track of your good boys.

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Yes, it’s now a Federal holiday. Yes, it deserves to be a Federal holiday. Yes, you should know why it’s important. Yes, ESPECIALLY if you’re white.

Especially if you were taught (as most of us were) the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves all at once.

Let's tell a story, hm? This one's from English history. It's the story of that celebrated King of England, King Louis.

What's that? You've never heard of a King Louis of England? Well, that's not surprising. You won't find him on any official list of English monarchs. He's been written out of history.

So let's talk a little about Louis, the king who never was. ( 🧵​ )

Things that happen online that annoy me...

When someone asks for help with a very specific thing and all the responses are "sorry I don't know that thing"

Then just don't reply, no asked for your input. Why can't people just STFU. You're not helping just inserting yourself into a conversation for what reason exactly???

Humans exhaust me.

There's a lazy argument that we shouldn't talk about the American history of slavery unless we talk about every single instance of slavery in the history of the world. Just like we shouldn't talk about your car getting stolen until we find every car that's ever been stolen.

Oh my gosh guys, look at these mugs I got from @lj! They're delightful! Quick, go grab some awesome handmade ceramic stuff from her!

Photos by the talented @Smallwildshop

Historical background, abolitionism, Hamilton-adjacent (literally) 

I think it's relevant to the debate about Dundas because, as /u/PartyMoses illustrates, Lafayette, Hamilton and Laurens all endorsed some kind of gradual phase-out of slavery via manumission. This was a mainstream white abolitionist position at the time, and not seen as a damning compromise the way Dundas's proposition was. And by our standards, it *still* falls short!

I think this says something about the value of commemorating even relatively virtuous Historical Figures as liberators, rather than, say, the people who were actually oppressed.

In case anyone didn't know, Dundas St. is not the only thing named after Henry Dundas—there's also the town just outside Hamilton, ON, named because it was on that road. I am afraid to look up if anyone has proposed renaming it.

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#accessibility post i found on tumblr:

some of you may've heard about that fancy "bionic reading" typefont thats supposed to be easier for #neurodivergent people to read (if you're unfamiliar, it bolds the first few letters of each word to make it easier to follow)

well guess what, its locked behind a $500 a month API to write in because fuck you!

introducing, Not Bionic Reading! it is literally just the bionic reading typefont but for free. god bless neocities

A keenly relevant new #hopwag Africana episode on the later years of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. - with James Hal Cone and Grace Lee Boggs appearing on the sidelines! 🐘

This old man is driving me crazy today trying to get attention.

had sushi & tofu for the first time in my life.
as someone who doesn't like seafood at all, raw fish slices on rice balls were actually surprisingly pretty good.

feelings, medium difficulty, abuse 

Love to everyone who's survived or are surviving abuse while moving through environment where others are in deep denial about the abuse. You r sweetie pie, you never should've had to experience that for even a moment! 😭 :QueerCatHeart_panafrican: Wishing you the ability to completely disregard those who disregard you and your pain, no matter how "nice" they believe themselves to be.

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

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