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I've set up a fedi relay, loosely focused on the planet and environment. Anyone instances who feel like they fit in that box feel free to join. Any concerns or questions please ask!

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I'm looking to add a few more moderators to this instance to keep on top of the new user account requests - anybody interested in helping out?

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Let me reiterate, as an English Labour voter/member, your country chose the Nazi Eugenics loving party. It is your moral obligation now to see England isolated, you must support Scottish Independence and Irish unification beyond the moral reasons to do so.

The UK cannot be allowed to exist anymore, English nationalism must be isolated. Galloway is wrong, the UK must be rend asunder, it is not able to be nor should it be saved.

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🚗 I'm involved in organising a hackweek in April for - kind of an open source and free alternative to couchsurfing etc, that came out of the hitchwiki project (so lots of hitchhikers on it...).

👭 it kind of represents a bit of a reboot of the project, to get more active team again. and we're keen to make it more community-driven...

❓ feel free to ask me questions!

💻 you can register your interest here -->

👍 pls boost!

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Erosion of networks is one of the core facilitators of #neoliberal #capitalism

Reestablishment of #commons is one of the only ways to counter this. I am working on a project about commonage in #nature #art #socialmedia #publicsphere #publicspace

I'm borrowing from Baudrillard, Lovink, Tsing, Holten, Kwon, Augé. I'm looking for more ideas. How are commons put back together? Any suggestions welcome!

Cool interesting organisation: the Open Search Foundation
Going to keep an eye on these folks

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So it's #MastoMonday, and I don't have anything new, but I did update my "Getting Started on Mastodon" post last week. I'd love feedback, suggestions for improvement, and other useful resources. I eventually want to make a booklet out of it!

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I can't remember if I posted these from a sketchbook I audited at the museum, I had to work so hard not to go through every page individually [sketches of various British birds in a small19th century sketchbook)

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⭐ If you only read article today: Why JavaScript is Eating HTML, a great wrap up that covers HTML in JS, imperative vs declararive programming, why and when using such frameworks (like React) is great and when you should not use them.

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> The exhortation “learn to code!” has its foundations in market value. “Learn to code” is suggested as a way up, a way out. “Learn to code” offers economic leverage, a squirt of power. “Learn to code” goes on your resume.

> But let’s substitute a different phrase: “learn to cook.” People don’t only learn to cook so they can become chefs. Some do! But far more people learn to cook so they can eat better, or more affordably, or in a specific way. Or because they want to carry on a tradition. Sometimes they learn just because they’re bored! Or even because—get this—they love spending time with the person who’s teaching them.

I'm reminded of the stories about top chefs who come home to microwave dinners and frozen pizzas because after a day cooking commercially, who wants to do it at home?

There are times when I miss having a job that was physically taxing, but not mentally taxing so I could come home to code at home and work on my own home-cooked-apps.

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I love the mastodon image captioning feature because there are a lot of good uses even for sighted users

- when federation / the other instance / your router fails & the image won't load

- explaining visual jokes while "keeping the medium intact"

- naming a visual symbol you /think/ people will know about but maybe not, so they can look it up & read more about it

- noting 'what to look for' when it's unclear

- translating an image in another language while still letting it speak for itself

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A newspaper article claims the arts bring in £25 million to Ipswich since 2017

This may well be an reasonably accurate figure - although in the same report its also mentioned only 250 paying jobs are provided, but *1800* *unpaid* volunteers contribute to the arts scene.

To be fair there is a lot of good stuff done particularly for kids and young adults in urban areas, but the working population of Ipswich is 87 000..

The weather sure is inclement today

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Propaganda of the military-industrial complex.
Imagine if some Chinese people made videos of them happily riding some weird war robot. People would be asking all kind of human rights and ethical questions.
But no, it's the popular media on YT and TV again, toying with war machinery for views without talking about the implications.
#lateStageCapitalism #bostonDynamics

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It's WORLD PANGOLIN DAY! My timeline does not have enough pangolins on it considering this fact and nor does yours, so please accept this contribution.


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People who know more about the inner workings of and than me: If I have a Promise that purposefully never completes (i.e. never calls resolve or reject), will that promise (and any .then callbacks) eventually get garbage collected?

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