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I'd like to hold a video meetup for Kith kitchen folks on the first weekend of March (6th to 7th), just a no-pressure friendly hangout for our users to get to know each other better. If you're interested, like this post and I'll send you a doodle poll link so we can find a time that works.

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The shutdown of one chinese coal mine stopped around a third of all #bitcoin mining.

Can we now find the other two coal mines, plz?

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"I’m begging everyone who thinks a software license can delineate when something is or isn’t being used for a bad purpose to read a single book on ethics."

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RT @TattooedMuppet
Me: painstakingly selects names for every town, mountain, river, etc in my books using lots of research into meanings and associations

The real world:

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New #blogpost: “Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC”.

Lots of people have been spreading the often-unnecessary advice to add a Permissions-Policy response header to their sites, and some have been going so far as to ask FLOSS maintainers to patch their software to make this the default.

If you read the actual proposals and W3C specs, you’ll find a different story.

Everybody: please calm down, take a deep breath, and read before you make such prescriptive advice.

FLoC is terrible, but telling everyone to add a magic “opt-out header” in every situation conveys a misunderstanding of everything you need to know about the opt-in/out process.

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police violence in the abstract, re: don't post videos of police violence 

I'm going to post my concurrence to the "we don't need to have videos of the violence in our timelines.

As someone who is unlikely to be subject to police violence, I'm going to say that, if I know that some bit of police violence has occurred, I don't need to see the video. I don't need the images of what happened taking up space in my head. If I know that a thing happened, I can pretty well assume what the process looked like.

We don't need those images taking up space in our timelines or in our head. I already know that the police are terrible. A lot of people already know that.

What we need isn't images to drain our emotional energy and enrage us.

We need people to be taking that energy and putting it into mutual aid and support. We don't need to fall into the trap of letting ourselves be consumed by one atrocity after another.

We need to build each other up, making us stronger, through our support, through the love that we show to each other, to our vulnerable allies, friends, and associates.

I don't want to have to numb myself to the atrocities. I want to feel free to express feelings of support to all of the people who need it, to show them that they're not alone.

Images of atrocities don't build us up. Reaching out and helping who we can, where we can. That builds us up. Don't forget that.

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not gonna lie the northern independence party have a pretty good manifesto. informed consent model right off the bat? access to puberty blockers? very good.

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@Paul To round out your last thought, just over HTTP is great.

I used this approach to include a virtual dom in a vanilla project the other day. it was way better than needing to spin up an entire build system just to leverage npm:


import { innerHTML } from '';

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food/covid cookbook for taste/smell challenged 

Two British cooks have made a cookbook specifically for #COVID19 patients and long-haulers who have lost their sense of taste and smell, and it's available as a free digital download.

Question for developers:
How do you publish modules that are only for front end, e.g. custom elements/webcomponents? Using npm doesn't seem to make sense because it's not a node package. Maybe just put it on a static http server with a versioned URL? Actually I guess that's how Deno works so maybe that is a good idea

Did some planting today, got potatoes and carrots on the go now. Our marrows are looking really healthy too.

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I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, ( - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

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BBC have apparently had so many complaints about too much Prince Phillip coverage that they’ve set up a special form to make it easier:

Just found out about this organisation, campaigning within large co-ops like Nationwide and The Co-Operative to use a small part of their profits to help support smaller co-ops.

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I've been asked to recommend a Masto instance for people who are interested in #gardening and #plants #botany

What are your suggestions?



More reasons not to fill your website with megabites of javascript: so I can do my internet banking from my garden on a weak connection

Sitting down with a cup of tea and latest edition of DOPE. Subscribe for a good radical read and support the homeless at the same time.

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#OtD 1 Apr 1649, Protestant radicals the Diggers occupied St. George's Hill, Watton, #Surrey, England and began tilling the land. This is a short history of the movement

A couple of jars of wild garlic pesto, easy to make and delicious !

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