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I'm looking to add a few more moderators to this instance to keep on top of the new user account requests - anybody interested in helping out?

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“The best way for folks to enter web development in 2020 is to choose a niche, like Vue.js or React, and hope that theres a CSS and accessibility expert on their team.” (

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Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

It can't be too hard to create an gateway for twitter users, to receive tweets from my friends into my mastodon timeline. Has anyone seen anything like this?

A gluten free hedgehog cake. Think I'll apply for Bakeoff.

Ideal Sunday morning; slow breakfast, read a long magazine article in the sunshine, a little bit of pampering

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Fun fact: you can hire freelancers to contribute to FOSS projects

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Reading: Informatics of the Oppressed

Looking at historic experiments in informatics from Cuban socialism and liberation theology for redistriubtion of informational wealth.

"Taken together, these two historical moments can help us imagine new ways to organize information that threaten the capitalist status quo— above all, by facilitating the wide circulation of the ideas of the oppressed."

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us pol, br pol, + 

Fedi leftists: "do not celebrate, getting rid of one fascist means nothing and is no help!"

Brazil's fascist president Jair Bolsonaro: "I can't even be bothered to run for re-election now."

Brazil's Workers' Party lawmaker Erika Kokay: "Trump's defeat is a historical defeat of far-right fascists, racists, and deniers of the pandemic and climate change. Hate did not prevail!"

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uspol rant, criticism of the left 

Wishing for a second Trump term because it'll make things "bad" enough for your precious Revolution to happen is uhhh how do we put it pure fucking evil eat shit.

And seeing "no difference" between Biden and Trump is a pretty damned oblivious position, too, like good job ignoring the swell of voices form BIPOC and Latines testifying to how much worse things got, not to mention the non-handling of the pandemic, the dismantlement of Obama-era institutions for dealing with precisely this situation, and how many deaths those actions caused, disproportionately hitting racial minorities and the poor. Like fuck you.

I do not want any part of your Glorious Revolution whose altar requires the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized people as offerings. If you see BIPOC and poor people as acceptable sacrifices and not indispensable comrades and, like, fellow human beings, that's the point where I can no longer distinguish your revolution from fascist fantasies.

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"As liberals celebrated the election of Biden/Harris, comrades in Atlanta and Philadelphia had their doors kicked in by agents of the state, their partners’ houses raided, phones and laptops seized, and now sit in cages. The NYPD announces the creation of an “anti-looting task force” and for a week straight, brutally squashes any attempt at protest in the city."

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So you guys got your shovels out we still have pilles of neo-liberal shit to move to compost the Trump years #deathcult is not going to save us. This is the same old stink, the same old pile. Get to it with a will please #OMN

A little treat for users of

I occasionally like to toy around with little programming projects that don't see the light of day.

Last week I decided to Actually Finish Something, so I've thrown together a little recipe book website for users to record and publish recipes.

It's early days at the moment, but the plan is to slowly and steadily improve it.

Check it out at - feel free to give it a try!

Just donated to this fundraiser for residents to fight against eviction and destruction of the community:

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This is excellent:
Led by brothers Khaled and Mohammad Aljawad from Syria, now based in Sheffield, 'Have Your Passport Ready' is an interactive film that explores the experience of asylum seekers. In an unknown city, without an interpreter, audiences become players collecting evidence to prove their right to remain in the UK.

Highly recommend you give this a go.

#AsylumSeekers #UK #HostileEnvironment #Theatre #Film

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I'm extremely here for random TV show torrents containing Anarchist propaganda :D

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I wonder if I know anybody who can tell me what this says; this is one of my favorite shirts, I’ve had it for like five years, I took it home from a psych ward in Michigan, but I’ve never known what it says

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The economy is in shambles right now. People are trying to ration their money so they have enough food to eat this month and Google is upset they may make 35 billion dollars instead of 40 billion.

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