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I've set up a fedi relay, loosely focused on the planet and environment. Anyone instances who feel like they fit in that box feel free to join. Any concerns or questions please ask!

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I'm looking to add a few more moderators to this instance to keep on top of the new user account requests - anybody interested in helping out?

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Fossil hunting at the Jurassic Coast is a collaboration between the hunters and scientists.

"Along a famed stretch of English coastline, amateur and professional collectors alike fill their satchels with fossils before the 200-million-year-old treasures are reclaimed by the waves."

#Fossils #UK #JurassicCoast


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happy #MastoMonday

today i've got somethin special for yall

a mastodon instance for folks who love to cook!!!

it's now offically open for signups (by approval) - please put any existing account you consider your "main" in the signup notes to help me approve!!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OTHER ADMINS: this instance will be posting un CW'd food, please feel free to silence the instance if you don't want that on your fedi timeline!!!

love y'all!!

Might start using corporate social media again, now that I've unfollowed everyone I don't know personally its a bit more bearable (of course I'll never abandon the fediverse ❤️)

Today we made soda bread and pesto, planted more potatoes, and re-potted the tomatoes and peppers, so I think we deserve a takeaway.

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Kith.Kitchen meta, emojis 

Hey all, Kith.Kitchen now has custom emojis, including: :garlic: :knitting: :valid: :big_mood: :bee2: :plantifa: and blobcats.

Just click on the emoji icon and depending on what web interface or app you are using, they will just come up or be listed under 'Custom'.

If you see an emoji on another instance you like that we don't have, let me know & I'll try to add it.

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We left the curtains open this evening and saw bats swooping over the front garden at dusk

A friend's given me a Ruby Tandoh recipe for a chocolate & marmalade cake, gonna try it out

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🔎 The Naturalist's Pocket Magazine or compleat cabinet of the curiosities and beauties of nature.

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This Laughing Kookaburra, cared not that it was slightly raining, or that I was standing within 5m of it.

It was after sunset, so I had to push the iso to 25600, but it's still usable.

400mm f/3.5

#Bird #birb #photo #AustralianWildlife #LaughingKookaburra

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Have you ever asked yourself "how did research get done before LateX?!"

Oh boy do I have the thread for you… (1/?)


Been talking about creating a library for over on the forum
Any node js developers got thoughts on my proposal?

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> Although engineers want to understand the inner workings, most users don’t and lack the time if they do. They’d much rather be successful than be knowledgeable, a state that is often hard for engineers to understand.

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'The Myth of Metaphor'

> The idea that good user interface design is based on metaphors is one of the most insidious of the many myths that permeate the software community.

> Metaphors offer a tiny boost in learnability to first time users at tremendous cost.

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“If It’s Inaccessible To The Poor It’s Neither Radical Nor Revolutionary.”

This is honestly my biggest problem with silicone valley and start-ups in general.

Cutting edge tech is cool and exciting but it's not a revolution until everyone can get at it.

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