My partner has 's, my dad's partner Tina is allergic to tomatoes and onion, my sister is and my brother is allergic to nuts, so we usually don't cook and eat together. We nearly got there this week with a wild mushroom risotto with white wine and parsley, but accidentally used stock with a little bit of onion powder in it, and decided not to risk it for Tina. Maybe next time!

I have a busy week, with only one night to cook. I have a little chilli still in the freezer but I would like some variety. Wonder what I can do- maybe curry?

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All the Privilege, No Fucking Praxis

Article written by DP Hunter. Photo taken by Kelly O’Brien. Some background on the author: Hunter’s first twenty-five years depended upon the informal economy of capitalism- a shadow economy that takes place behind the facade of the capitalist free market. For him this entailed sex work, robbing, and dealing. Over the last fourteen years Hunter […]

I'm back from holiday and ready to gradually resume posting duties. Did I miss anything while I was having a nice time?

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Thar they blow! All three #raspberry varietals are ripening. If I’m going to freeze fruit, now would be the time to clean the freezer and make room for a baking sheet to fit. #BackyardHarvest #SunDIY

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If you're in the Glasgow area and tall could you please do something abt the fash sticker on the pole outside of the queen street side entrance of the argyle street primark, thanks, a short person #glasgow

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I'm having a nice little time in France, in Ardeche. I've seen some nice rocks, plants and animals, eaten well, and relaxed well. More of this please.

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I'm on holiday now 😊
And my lovely partner is here

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Me, emanating love and support, drawing only those with similar positive energy around myself

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Are you a #musician who uses #Linux and #FOSS to create your songs? Know someone who is? I want to hear from you!

Send 1 of your favorite tracks in mp3 format, a link to your site or bio and a little bit about your workflow to:


Paul boosted is up and running. Please join if you're interested, and please boost to spread the word!

Someone should make a search engine that only indexes sites that don't have ads

I'm having a self care day which so far involves avocado on toast and a lying in bed

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OK, seems we have cooks in our midst

whats your favorite strange protein and preferred preparation if such?

note: i eat squid ink soup. so dark light will not escape it. my weird o meter has no upper bound.


Made a big batch of chilli to freeze and use when I can't/don't want to cook.
Of course, now that it's there the temptation to not cook becomes much stronger.

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On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (1/2) 

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