I'm cooking a moussaka tonight for a little dinner party. Trying to think of what kind of salad would go well alongside it... maybe something with a little orange in it-- or would that be weird?

@Paul I’d go for something more lemon-y with a rich dish like moussaka, but a lettuce salad with some orange in the dressing could work? (Elizabeth David has a good lettuce and orange salad, dressed with garlic and a little melted butter. Probably too much for moussaka, but good.)

@ghost_bird Yeah lemon sounds like a better idea, think I'll just throw together some leaves with a lemon vinegarette. thanks!

@Paul i used to do dandelion greens dressed with Mandarin orange vinaigrette, orange segments, sunflower seeds, and shaved fennel. Great for pairing with rich dishes but aggressively bitter so not to everyone's liking :D

@evilchili sounds like it could be nice, I'll have to try it at some point if not tonight

@Paul salad that contains fruit is a sin in my book. Unless it's fruit salad. In which case, at least the guests are forewarned.

@sixohsix Well I was introduced to a really nice salad that involved mango and my mind was opened to the possibilities—I think it just depends on what other flavours it's going with

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