By the way I've been thinking about disabling new signups for this instance. We're nearly at 100 users and that's the maximum I'm willing to manage really. Thoughts?

@Paul would having extra moderators help If we increased beyond 100? Or do you personally want to keep the instance small?

@GwenfarsGarden more moderators would be helpful but I also think it might be better for the instance to keep it small anyway. I might go through the user list at some point and delete the accounts that have never logged in.

@Paul that's fair enough. Maybe put a call out for mods? I'm currently learning the ropes of being a mod, so don't want to offer myself just yet!


Small and focused, topical instances can be a really good place for folks. Especially those who want an alt and/or a topical account to focus their interests some.

That and a bunch of smaller instances can help with ensuring there is always an instance online focused on a topic even if one drops offline (for whatever reason).


@ambassador @Paul yes, that's what I love about Kith Kitchen - I can chat with others about food without CWing.

Like, I get why people CW food, but as this is a foodie type instance, we don't need to.

@Paul I'm definitely in for the general concept of keeping it small, but still wouldn't mind a few more active users on the local timeline before shutting it off. IMO we're close but haven't quite hit critical mass to have a steady conversation going.

Deleting unused accounts seems prudent. Are we on a plan or something where the account tiers are based on user count?

@mcmoots that's fair. Yeah we're on the old 100 users plan so it is a hard limit unless I upgrade to one of the newer ones.

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