I'm thinking maybe Kith kitchen should start requiring food images to be marked as sensitive. I know this is a food based instance but we do federate and I don't want to cause problems with unsuspecting neighbours who might have a difficult relationship with food. Thoughts?

NB, I'm additionally willing to explore technical options to minimise any inconvenience to Kith kitchen users.

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@Paul my personal policy is to always hide images, but since this is a food based instance, I don’t think it’s necessary to cw food discussions.

@Paul I guess I'd rather not have to CW my posts, since that's a reason I created this account, but would go with any majority.

My personal work around has been that 1. People can just block my account, and 2. If I want to share a post more widely, then I CW it, or link to post from my other account with a CW.

@GwenfarsGarden @Paul ditto, I joined this instance explicitly so I wouldn't have to CW my food posts

@Paul Really not sure, here.

I generally ask people who follow this account to be mindful that I post about food here without CWs, and not to boost if they think that might cause problems for their followers. Additionally, I *do* CW posts here that I would like others to boost, and am always happy to redraft with a CW for that purpose if/when asked.

And I have accounts on other instances for people to follow if they are simply uninterested in food things, or can usually not handle it.

@Paul I don't post that many images of food, though. And I suspect the overlap between "people with food issues" and "people sensitive to images of food" is fairly high.

Because I don't often post pictures of food, I'm likely to forget to mark them specifically as sensitive. If that happened automagically, it would not bother me at all.

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