@Paul It is however a bit late to harvest. Usually it is said to harvest before the 24th of june, because of an acid build up in the plant (Oxalsäure in german).

@Paul Although I am quite skeptical about the whole "specific date" thing. As if the plant would care about such a thing 😀

@Ranunculus hopefully one or two days won't make too much difference...

@Paul Probably not. Just to be sure; use only the stems (leaves contain much more oxalic acid) and best to use mostly/only the red parts!
Enjoy 😀

@Paul @Ranunculus You could probably get away with one last harvest. Just make sure you leave 6-8 leaves/stems as it will use these to start building reserves for next year. And put some manure over the crowns in mid-ish Autumn, to protect them and add nutrients.

Well, that's what I learned last year and it seems to have worked!

@GwenfarsGarden @Ranunculus I've picked three stalks so hopefully we can have a little crumble

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