It can't be too hard to create an gateway for twitter users, to receive tweets from my friends into my mastodon timeline. Has anyone seen anything like this?

@NicolasConstant have you started working on this? Which stack are you using?


As stated in my blog post I had already something functional this summer (search an account, following it, federating statuses, etc) in a dev environment.

I have some work to do on security/minor enhancements/deployment aspects before I could release a first version. I am unfortunately lacking time this year but I hope I'll be able to do this before 2021.

I'm using ASP.NET Core 3.0 since it's one of my day-work stack, it will be released as a Docker build at first ; and a public instance will be available as well. 🙂

@Paul you mean like this?

You can set it to go either or both ways. I use it so my KK toots get cross-posted to my twitter.

@GwenfarsGarden I was looking for something that lets me follow twitter users who don't have a masto account. I'm tempted to make it myself

@Paul ah, I see. If you create something like this, that let's you also have convos with people on Twitter, let me know. That would be useful

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