Is there a multi-tenant server with C2S or some nice api out there, or will I make one?

@Paul you can have a look at my implementation at

Working instance where I test things is at

Let me know if you have questions.

@loweel have you used that for C2S ? Do you know if there's a demo somewhere? I'm sure @cj would have posted about it if there was...


@mariusor @cj @Paul

you can just compile the “example” executable and run it….

perhaps I am gonna play with it next days, so I’ll tell you.

Well, I meant somewhere in the wild with real world usage. My example is such a thing. :D

I haven't talked about it much because the `example` is still under active development.

And `apcore`, while pretty fleshed out, is not quite yet complete. Some handy methods are missing that app-builders would want access to.

I have been bootstrapping the `example` as S2S + basic HTTP endpoints for the UI. But after that, adding C2S support should not be terribly difficult, just a bit more work.

Unsure if this is what @Paul is looking for.

But indeed @mariusor has a live implementation.

Also, in addition to @mariusor 's thing, I think Pleroma has been adding C2S support.

Depending on @Paul 's needs, hopefully one of these options helps.

I do appreciate @loweel mentioning `apcore` though -- when you play with `apcore` and the `example`, let me know what you think. Feedback would be much appreciated.

@cj @mariusor @loweel thanks folks. Specifically looking for a server I can run on my vps to delegate activitypub stuff to. I'll have two or three different sites (blog, social media) and hoping to have one service to handle all, similar to the way databases work. I'll have a look at the options and see which is the best fit.


And I've just talked with
@lanodan of Pleroma how we can be interoperable.

So, if you and @pukkamustard could answer Chris' question if the 9th is ok for you all and Haelwenn can attend too, we could start then ;)

@loweel Would really prefer before everyone starts on its own again to speak after W3C Social CG about interop, interconnection, portability and conformance, so all our clients are compatible.
Otherwise C2S makes little sense.

/i> @redaktor

Cool, I thought @loweel knew about some progress you made and forgot to mention it here.


@darko not flexible enough for me and too much stuff I don't need

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