Question for developers:
How do you publish modules that are only for front end, e.g. custom elements/webcomponents? Using npm doesn't seem to make sense because it's not a node package. Maybe just put it on a static http server with a versioned URL? Actually I guess that's how Deno works so maybe that is a good idea

@Paul To round out your last thought, just over HTTP is great.

I used this approach to include a virtual dom in a vanilla project the other day. it was way better than needing to spin up an entire build system just to leverage npm:


import { innerHTML } from '';


@tychi this looks like a neat little library too, might be useful in some of my projects

@Paul it is super neat.

i was surprised with how easy it was to use:

had a bit of layout thrashing on re-renders when pulling in a lot of images from my reddit implementation. that little bit of code made everything seamless.

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