Right, about time I do another post. I'm Paul, admin of Kith.Kitchen, I'm a web developer with an interest in and . I have a (rented) garden in , two cats, a lovely girlfriend, social , dyspraxia, and lots of musical instruments that I keep meaning to play. I used to do as a hobby and hope to do so again. I'm currently of the anarchist-communist persuasion. All I want is to do my best to help other people thrive.

@cee thanks I've been here for a while though!

@Paul oh, well nice to meet you anywayy :blobsmilehappy:
fun fact: kropotkin's essay "Are We Good Enough" radicalised me into anarchism.

Also, what kind of instruments do u play?
@Paul OOoooo niiiice :blobhyperwubbel:

yeah, i play both acoustic & electric... i love playing 12 string acoustic.
I almost have got a full band atm- we're just covering grunge and blues-country songs
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