When people talk about Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism, is that just a funny phrase or is there some theory behind it? The "fully automated" part is the bit I struggle to see as realistic.

@Paul eh, I've always found it half and half.

Like, it's a simple meme, but also the idea that we can live in a society where technology helps reduce the amount of labour we need to do and society can exist free of predudice are things we need to work towards even if not fully achievable.

@solarbear I suppose my concern is that there will always be labour that can't be automated because certain circumstances can't be predicted ahead of time, there will be work that is one-off or needs some kind of in-the-moment human judgement. Largely automated, sure, but I think it's kind of important to acknowledge that there will be human labour that needs to be somehow shared out?

@Paul oh totally. I think there's a principle at play of ' shoot for the stars and you'll at least reach the moon'
We simultaneously need to understand the world will never be a perfect utopia but we should still aim to try and achieve a utopia.

@solarbear @Paul "We aim above the mark to hit the mark." - Ralph W Emerson

i mean, with the current level of automation we have now, we've technically already reached post-scarcity; the main problem i guess is just centralised distribution

I've always treated it as a slogan or provocation for people on the left but in denial of ecological limits or otherwise not wanting to sound austere.
This article engages seriously with a book on it:

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