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The now has the moon in its collection. Turns out it looked big and far away, but it's actually just small and close.

Look at these cool mushrooms I found in Epping forest

I went to a lovely may day celebration in Chingford last night. Free food, folk music, bonfire and fireworks, and this massive stork

Had to amputate our dragon plant to try and save it from stem rot. The bottom of the main stem was completely soft but fortunately the top two nodes seem to be firm

We've been treated to some delicious cookies by the housemate. Couldn't ask for more

When I can't be bothered but still want to cook something, I usually do a simple pasta sauce of fresh tomato 🍅 and basil 🌿, with cheese 🧀. Quick and delicious.

Well I failed again to get a photo of the actual meal, but I have a picture of the aftermath

From my brother I received a book of vegan recipes, I look forward to trying (and sharing) these over the coming year

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