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#OtD 1 Jul 1978 at 8pm, the time of its proposed closure, hospital workers, applauded by a large crowd of local people and filmed by the News at Ten, put up a notice announcing the occupation of the casualty unit at Bethnal Green hospital, London

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Think Ill start a ‘trans for over 30s’ group

There is not much in terms of things for people in their 30s, especially something that *doesnt* involve alcohol etc

If you live in the Leeds area, in your 30s, trans & need a meet-up for yourself to meet others

Please boost & share so others can see & hopefully boost. I wanna get a gage on here as well as check a few other places & see if there are more folks who need something like this

#trans #supportnetwork #networking #boost #share #LGBTQIA

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Request for input from blind programmers 

Saw a tweet saying that tabs work better than spaces when you're using a braille display

Seems logical, but this information doesn't seem to be coming from a blind person, so I thought I'd check

Which form of #Python indentation is more accessible to you?

(sighted people: don't vote, be patient)

#accessibility #programming

I've just deleted a bunch of my to-do items. My productivity mindset has just been stressing me out, and I've come to terms with the fact I can't do all the things. I feel instantly lighter!

@strawberry hello and welcome! Feel free to use it as much or as little as you like

@ehashman it wasn't quite that bad, I ended up making béchamel with it for a lasagne

Our milk is on the turn. Anyone have a recipe for using up milk that's past its best?

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asking trans people "if gender isn't real, why do you want to be the other gender so bad" is like asking people "if rent shouldn't exist, why do you want rent control so badly": because we live in a society that violently enforces gender, and that makes it real. asking trans people, and only them, to pretend like gender doesn't matter, while everyone around us keeps hurting us for it, isn't fair. it's like asking tenants to not give a shit about rent while their landlord is trying to evict them.

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Today I saw the same super weird mushroom in my workplace that shows up at the same tree base every year, #inaturalist tells me it's called Cenoporus squamosus:
#fungodon #mushrooms

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Something a bit different today...

There's a really nice Fediverse admin on here called @stux who provides lots of free decentralised public services (public instances of Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Matrix, Nitter, Invidious, Searx etc).

Stux is spending hundreds of euros a month so that these services remain free and operational.

Apparently Stux has had a tough time finding work recently, but has their own small business which provides web hosting.

If you're looking for a small indie hosting provider, this might be a really good choice as the money raised will help keep the Fedi going too:


(I'm sorry to embarass you Stux, but I think you deserve a shout-out for the good work you do!)

It's my birthweek and I wanted the sea so we've come to a seaside BnB in Bournemouth

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I’m a hobby baker from Boston, MA.

My dream is to eat a chocolate chip cookie at every bakery I visit and document them. I’m not trying to find the “best” cookie, they’re all good cookies. I’m trying to describe all of the many variations of chocolate chip cookies that there can be.

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Travelling by train today, wish us luck

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uk pol, systemic induced poverty 

remember while reading this that while Britain isn't quite the sixth richest country in the world any more, it is far from poverty-stricken, and this situation is the result of deliberate political choices

this isn't a "cost of living crisis", this is the result of 12 years of decisions to deliberately broaden and worsen poverty. calling it a "crisis" as if it's only just shown up lets the tories off a hook they should be swinging from

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Here are a few thoughts about being a #musician today:
- No one will discover you on the internets.
- So you have to show yourself
- Don't try to please everybody, but PLEASE, try to please your audience.
- So learn who your audience is.
- It's OK to make music just for yourself, you owe nothing to no one.
- But if you want to be listened to/ gain momentum/make money, you should (in my opinion) promote your music
- Be consistant
- Be regular

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cursed fact about the evolution of teeth 

Teeth evolved from scales.


Those are heavily modified scales in your mouth.

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