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Bread status: tasty!
I've put the rest of the starter in the fridge, hopefully I won't have to feed it for a few days until I want to make another loaf

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Looking for recipes that will encourage me out into the garden to pick the leeks, I have come across Sage and halloumi roasted broccoli with leeks ( which looks lovely and Cheddar, leek and amaranth flapjacks, which are intriguing:

(That’s the UK flapjack, not the American meaning.)

On with the again. I cheated and put extra yeast in this time

So tomorrow is which means ! Not something my family actually celebrated growing up but I'll be sure to put on some mulled ale and have a good time

Do you have any traditions for this time of year?

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Hello kitchen! I have been eating for about 20 years now, and I find myself sliding towards cooking every so often. I love vegetables and whole-grain bread. I live in Germany.

Cuisines I like, apart from the hodge-podge German-US collection of dishes I picked up over the years: Indian, Italian and recently I've developed a curiosity about Japanese kitchen.

I'm thawing some starter I froze before Christmas, going to give Bread a go again

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Let's talk about an often ignored but powerful kitchen tool — the pressure cooker.

It's a pot that builds up pressure. That's it. But pressure changes the boiling point of water, up to 120 C in most cookers. This means that dried beans which may take a day to soak and four hours to boil can instead be ready in 30 minutes.

Last year people were enamored with the Instant Pot®. Know what an instant pot is? A pressure cooker with a built in timer. A stovetop cooker is much cheaper.

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I've been cooking since I was literally tall enough to reach the counters. I love all kinds of cooking, and I love sharing it with friends.
For the past few years, I've been especially interested in historic cooking, mostly in the periods of the 15th through the 19th century.
I intermittently post articles on historic cooking to
As I write this, I've got a leg of lamb in the smoker, and a loaf of bread baking.

@shatteredgears welcome, thanks for joining! I'm looking forward to reading about historic cooking

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Call for participation!

If you're into #python (#django) or #javascript (#vuejs) development and looking for a project that is driving social change and is owned and run by nice people who care about ethical technology and participatory governance then check out

See the #35C3 talk:

Break things: +

Over and Out.

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Cumin-crusted Chilean sea bass for dinner tonight! Lots of omega-3s in this "sea bass" which is actually a toothfish.

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Pancakes! They're easy to make, but hard to perfect. My recipe:

2 c. flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
2 eggs (or 2 tbsp. garam flour)
2.5 c. milk (or oat/soy/almond milk)
2 tbsp oil

Mix dry ingredients, mix wet ingredients, pour wet into dry. Whisk until uniform, but still lumpy. (As little as possible!) Cook on a dry non-stick pan. No oil.

Salmon omelette for brunch this morning, perfect for a lazy it's-still-Christmas Sunday morning.

I keep meaning to take pictures of my meals but keep forgetting because I'm too interested in the eating thereof

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