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Currently Reading: On Spice (great anti-capitalist shade, mention of food) 

Not a big fan of losing an hour but I do prefer BST to GMT

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After some deliberation, we'll be 🌟 opening our registrations 🌟 for a short while.

Gentler Earth is an antifascist space for people who wish for or need what it says on the tin. We hope to be a safe space for you to organize and make friends, to both fight for justice and find kindness.

Feel free to join us (and boost!) :ancomheart:

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I think the fediverse might appreciate one of my favourite patches

What's your favourite breakfast for a slow morning or lazy day?

I think I've been cooped up inside of That There London for too long and I've forgotten how to fly

I'm cooking a coconut curry tonight

I'm out at a local open mic night, met some friendly tourists and enjoying some good music and good beer 🍺🎶

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Want to find new masto peeps to yap to!

Say hi! 👋

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anyone who knows shit about indoor produce gardening wanna dm me so i can ask some questions?

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I enjoy cooking, but I'm still learning how to do it well. I like to experiment and try new things.
I follow a diet. I love fruit and oats and noodles and chickpeas and more.
Nice to meet you!

We've been treated to some delicious cookies by the housemate. Couldn't ask for more

Kind of at a loss so I'm listening to music and doing a little programming. I really wish I knew more people nearby so I could get out and have some drinks nearby, but that's not really a thing in London.

Being productive today. Clean my room, Done✅. Hang a picture, Done✅. What's next?

Sunday morning omelette 😋 excellent start to a lazy day

Trying a new nail varnish colour, "wild-er-ness"

I neglected to plan anything to do this weekend. I'll try and have a lazy one and not to get bored

Considering broadening the scope of this instance to include arts-and-crafts, any of you have thoughts on that?

Just got back from a week in Edinburgh. Highlights included haggis pasta at a lovely Italian place in Leith, and Massive Nachos after walking Arthur's Seat

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