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I have three eggs to use up 🥚🥚🥚
What should I do with them?

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Hello beautiful people, just another earthling here. I am researching about plant-based nutrition and health. Hope that you will find my stories informative. Here is the first one with some background included:

Any feedback is more than welcome!

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Havin a look around the Tate Modern

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@yaaps @maloki

no instance is "on" or "off" the fediverse. the fediverse refers to the entire social graph.

and that's not even the point.

the point is that the technology allows you to define a view of the social graph that fits your own requirements.

so your view of the fediverse is, intentionally, different than my view, and both of our views are different than maloki's view. because we are all able to curate who and what we interact with.

the challenge now is to build on this by introducing real security.

but people trying to define the fediverse as some subset of servers or whatever are missing the point. that doesn't matter. it seriously does not matter that Gab or KF or whoever are on the fediverse.

what matters is if Gab or KF are able to compromise you through their own participation of the fediverse (metadata / post leakage for example).

Oh that last one's name is actually "Go Wild-er-ness", if that sways you

What colour should my nails be?

I ordered myself a bunch of temporary tattoos

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If you're in London and want to help out with the picket, the IWW are meeting at the Swiss Cottage tube station at 7pm tonight.

Abajo Deliveroo! Viva los trabajadores!

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:iww: london wildcat strike 

Think I'll go to the V&A after work tomorrow to see their exhibition on food..

Just popping in to say hello I'm still here. Not been very good at social media lately.

Going to Kew today to see some plants

The fox cubs were (play?)fighting in the garden this morning. Cute but LOUD. Woke me up before my alarm

That cinema was so hot. I'm still struggling to cool down even now.

I'm going to see the spider man film

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