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An Ashy Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps) observed at the Pandan River, Singapore, on 21 Aug 2019. I believe it was 'leaf bathing' as it was rubbing it's body and wings on the leaf at the time.

#Singapore #Nature #Photography #Birds #Aves #Behaviour

On iNaturalist [ ]

Here's a post about this behaviour [ ]

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In our universe, England is named after a Germanic tribe called the Angles. The language of England is called English and speakers of this language are called Anglophones.

In another universe, Sexland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Saxons. The language of Sexland is called Sexish and speakers of this language are called Saxophones.

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I've seen two nice houses today, one has a piano and I think that pushes it just ahead of the other

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Important news for today: saiga antelopes are just the best thing.

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Well I've had one viewing, the place was a right state. Let's hope the others are a bit better.

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@witchfynder_finder i tried to find a picture of a horse with human hands and instead found this BEWILDERING graphic

Good morning... I'm going to Leeds this weekend to look for houses so I can live there for good

I'm so tired all the time at the moment, I wonder if I'm fighting off something

Perhaps I shall pick up my guitar tonight for the first time in months

I've set up ssh access to my home network so I can access my old laptop at work and maybe use it as a file server. I've also discovered a bunch of old files dating to 2012, including my old music collection, so maybe I'll spin up a instance at some point

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Mapo tofu! This came out exactly as I wanted. I'm currently in a spice high right now.

I started with this recipe (for which there's also a nice YouTube video):

I made the recipe vegan by replacing the meat with a couple mushrooms fried in an excess of oil and the chicken stock with veggie stock (from powder cuz I am lazy). Turned out great!

The Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate Modern is really fun! If you're in London definitely go

I've been more anxious than usual lately, maybe I'll start doing again

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So excited to show off my first macarons! They have raspberry buttercream filling.

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