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If you're #AntiCapitalist, then this site is for you - especially for those who want to deepen solidarity amongst #Black folks

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And ethical trainers company. Run and established by undocumented migrants in Spain, employing people to help them gain residency. They formed a workers co-op and manufacture their products in Spain. With people paid a proper wage at all stages.

are calling for a protest this afternoon at 6pm on Albion Street after a black man was assaulted and arrested by police yesterday for no reason.

More info:

People love to act as if big services like Fastly or AWS are a reliable enough basket to put all your infrastructural eggs in but every few months some stressed and overworked engineer screws up and a big chunk of the internet turns off for a bit and there's nothing you can do but wait.

Paid a visit to RHS Harlow Carr yesterday and bought home a new friend, Pippin the Christmas pippin apple.

Not that I'm adding anything new but just to weigh in on the current discourse:
If people expressing their sexuality makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn't go to pride.

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when an american man walks into a quaint wee pub in Scotland and announces he is 1/8th Scottish, we all leap up with tears in our eyes & cry out "a lost son of Alba is returned to us!" and everyone busies round him and gets him a whisky and an old lady called Morag tearfully hugs him and calls him a bonny lad, and we all ask him to marry our bonny daughters, and the auld men start up a ceilidh tune and we teach him to dance like a Scot and when he's all tired out we cut off his head and eat him

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📄 ✨💰✨ The Ghostchain. (Or taking things for what they are)
by Geraldine Juárez

On "web3" as the 🎰 casino layer of the web 🃏, NFTs, and lots of good refs on assets and assetization.

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Queer history lesson re: the kink at Pride discourse, birdsite link 

This thread is a good history lesson on the roots of Kink At Pride and why its opposition is homophobic

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Hey devs? Not everything you right needs to be massively scalable, and certainly not in its base configuration. Please stop making things that are mostly used by individuals and hobbyists suck when they're run at small scales

If I need an orchestration framework to run a small service supporting 50 people, you've failed.

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Yesterday I learnt that you can sync git repos directly from one computer to another over the local network. Incredibly useful if you want to keep two computers in sync without relying on fx Just go `git clone` and `git remote set-url`.

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#OtD 17 May 1972 10,000 schoolchildren in the UK walked out on strike in protest against corporal punishment. Within two years, London state schools banned corporal punishment. The rest of the country followed in 1987.

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💉 :coronavirus:

FYI: there's a new research study going on about COVID vaccines and menstruation! The lead researcher is Dr. Kate Clancy, who studies stress and menstrual cycles at the University of Illinois.

If you got a vaccine and have ever had a period, you can do the survey. Any nationality.

Survey: redcap.healthinstitute.illinoi


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ukpol, MH, police, - 

"Last month, a flurry of posts began appearing on social media, detailing experiences under a new scheme. They contained worrying reports – people in mental crisis involved in the scheme would call support services, only to be threatened with prison if they contacted the likes of an ambulance.

These posts outlined the experiences of “high-risk” individuals on the receiving end of the Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) scheme – a new mental health support model, currently being adopted by NHS England. It works by assigning people in distress – typically “high intensity users” of emergency services or those perceived to be at high risk of suicide and self-harm – to mental health professionals and police officers to assist with challenging cases.

Police officers, or “High Intensity Officers” (HIOs) are given primary responsibility for behavioural management, placing pressure on individuals to reduce “high-cost behaviour” and stop “demonstrating intensive patterns of demand”. Police may ensure compliance using threats of legal action, such as Community Behaviour Orders."

How did such an awful concept come to be?

"The creator of SIM, ex-police sergeant Paul Jennings, claims the root of unsustainable demand lies in over-dependence and behavioural issues, rather than the underfunding and inequalities that have crippled the system."

(CW: anti-Black violence)

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Here is a go fund me for the No Evictions Network for phone top ups and legal support. Currently £2k off a £15k target.

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Update: Asking for a little bit of money every week. Support if you can, or you can always share. 💞 

I very much appreciate my friends for letting me know that it was okay to ask for help.

"I'm a strong independent disabled woman. And unfortunately I am not in a situation where I can work much. The minimal work I'm doing and being paid for by Tusky is a blessing, and it's just about covering my basic needs. One of my basic needs right now is paying back my student loan."

Intro and full text is updated on:

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victory! community collective action against deportation raids in Glasgow 

protest marches with the released men to the mosque to ensure their safety

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Eid Mubarak to everyone who's celebrating

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