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Hi. I'm new. Never used the bird; was checking masto out to take something off spouse's to-do list, and fell down the rabbit hole. I'm mid-50s, American (sorry), live in upstate , a who sorely misses gathering with my local kith. I think the impulse is a , and practicing an we're about makes us . Mine is .

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See you there this morning! Also remember to book on to swimming session after xx

Sheffield protesters to take a stand against anti-trans conversion therapy | Now Then Sheffield

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Ways to support us:
• Tell your friends about #Tusky
• Give the app a good review on Google Play
• Report bugs
• Become a beta or nightly user and test new features before everyone else
• help to improve the translation on
• donate to
• Help us coding
Thank you :3

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Hah, the European Union just launched a Masto instance and a Peertube instance XD

Crap, I accidentally rejected the last batch of signup requests instead of accepting them :/

Welcome to new users, you'll find that mastodon and the fediverse are at times very different from twitter, but hopefully you'll find plenty of friendly people and reasons to stick around!

I've opened our instance to new user applications and will be keeping an eye on my inbox...

I'm trying to get on top of my seed sowing. Did some squash and cucumbers this weekend.

Morning, I'm very tired and not sure I'm able to function properly today.

Also I'm about ready to give up on my , it just tastes like vinegar. Has anyone got any tips or advice before I chuck my scoby in the compost?

Going to do my best to be a bit more active on here. Just got back from holiday and thinking about this week's mealplan. A soup for lunch and pasta for tea?

Monday mornings are for dealing with minutia and trying to get my life in order

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essays wanted about being in poverty in the UK, paid 

These folk are soliciting essays of 2500-3000 words on any aspect of poverty.

Open to those currently in poverty in the UK. £250 if they use your work.

Closing date 25 March 2022.

Contact Louisa at, or @RoadsideMum on birdsite.

I just saw my first butterfly of the year

Good morning and happy monday everyone.

A job position for web devloper is open on my team at the British Film Institute. Drupal 9 and NodeJS. I would love to find someone who isn't a cis white man to come and work with us! bfijobsandopportunities.bfi.or

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"In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, recipes for making soy sauce at home appeared in English and American cookbooks. Since soybeans were not widely available, these recipes used local ingredients such as mushrooms, walnuts, and fish...

Tomato was another popular ingredient for making American "soy" sauce... The names for these varying sauces were "ketchups," or "catch-ups," or "catsups," derived from the Indonesian word for soy sauce: ketjap."

-- "Eight Flavors"

ketchup is soy sauce????????????????

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so what if you forbid replies to your post but pleroma dot hentai dot slurs still replies. well you just drop the reply. solved. yea but they still can reply to it. yea and they can copy paste your post and take a shit under it you literally can't stop them. but you can and should stop extending their platform, and the software they use doesn't matter for this

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