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with whatever I had in the fridge and whatever recipe I could improvise with - bread and butter - delicious but slight execution fail - warmed it in the oven once more this morning and enjoying it with some coffee.

I am looking forward to this ; it’s on a long slow simmer and I’m so so hungry! Plan on serving it with a side of buttered toasted dinner rolls. and


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How do you know it’s love?
I wish to split every fruit I eat with him
it is the closest thing to love
when we both share the taste of sweet
I want to wake him up to feed him slices
of crisp apples
and soft nectarines. And kiss his mouth
with my sticky mouth.
It is the closest thing to love
I think.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

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Sometimes we love people
just because they know us. In the spaces we have grown
before we knew how to. It’s not a bad love
supported by time
and our own need for mythos
to build
on mythos. To show this love
to new people
and say this is my scribe – this is my story.
Sometimes we love people
for the shard of history
they carry
that reflects your heart
before you knew better.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

Learning about new food things and just learning that swedes put on their ! 🤯 This is new to me.

I like pineapple and ham on pizza but bananas and ham??


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Forget ready-made salad dressing powder. My perfect .

1 tablespoon of
3 tablespoons
1 (replacement for onions)
1 bunch of tomatoes
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of (substitute for pepper, was already recommended in the Middle Ages by a German nun)
1 bunch of self-ploughed

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doctor who-related silliness poll 

character combinations, your interpretation for what "choice" means - generally I take it to be a "likelihood of a glorious disaster" :blobwizard:

sorry to the one person who voted

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Lots and lots of food ment. aaaaahh 

I never heard of its name before but apparently it is in a lot of our dishes?

『To know Malaysia is to love the bunga kantan』 by Julie Wong
#food #malaysia

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It’s been a day. Ordered in tonight. Enjoying togarashi fries with Japanese mayo. Yum.

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Not a vegan but some recipes look interesting and curious about some of these ingredients. I just learned about aquafaba.

My brain is saying I must get up, my body is saying let me stay in bed instead, and someone is saying ‘go and drink the chai before it gets cold’. I’ll obey the latter. My brain wins.

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Today's cooking experiment inspired by radish green pesto with comté cheese and roasted zucchini seeds 💚💚💚
I feel super fancy today haha
#food #radish #pesto #cheese

I am missing out on the . Largest full of the year.
My mind is on another planet.

Oh well,

I’ll just have to wait for the next one.

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On the darkest possible night, under the clearest possible atmospheric conditions, the countless stars you can see in the night sky are only 0.000001% of the total number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.


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First home baked bread since the lockdown. Hungarian potato Pogácsa with gouda baked in. I've been cooking and reading a lot more these days. A lot of self-reflection. Contemplating the kind of world I want for myself and my loved ones.

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Hey y'all, what can I do with a big ol' can of sliced peaches, besides eat them plain?

It's been sitting in my pantry since last year's snowstorm, and I've only ever cooked fruit desserts with fresh or (rarely) frozen stuff! I have no idea what to do with canned. Recipes are appreciated.

Enjoyed a bowl of plain porridge/ congee/kanji with a dab of Indian mango pickle

Simple comfort food hits the spot

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