Tried yesterday this black peas with spinach. Never thought I'd like it, yet i loved it!

Well, today was a hard one, 12h shift. Worth it though, working with a great team and enjoying every minute!

@cassolotl as long as the kitchen is not too hot, chopping and keeping in water should do the trick perfectly

@artsyhonker then roasted sounds like the best option to me 🍆

@artsyhonker if they are good then the simplest is best, oil and garlic sounds really good.

On the bbq are great as well!

@Chevko Patience is key 😬
Also, all the species are only needed at the end, on the top side 🥩

@Chevko not super hot, just hot enough. Depending on the pan you use it may take a couple of minutes or more. At first the steak will stick to the pan until it's done, then flip it and give it a minute or two and that's it!

@Chevko I found out the best way to cook meat is without any kind of oil.

Using steel or cast iron pans you just need to heat it, then put the steak, lower the heat and cover, in a few minutes turn it over and repeat (longer if you like it done).

Once out of the pan add some olive oil, pepper and oregano (salt is optional).

Question about recipes 

@lapis that's a good question, i keep some in a private forum, by sections (sometimes the full recipe, others just the link) and on a google doc (just the links) ordered with an index (you can select any point on it and jump directly to that recipe/section).

I also used to screenshot them but in the end it wasn't that effective...

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