Spring has sprung on paintings, too. I keep on looking for beauty everywhere.

Claude Monet exhibition in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale.

I've been trying to enjoy my work again for a while now. It's not so easy since I've overworked myself for a long time, but sewing was first a part of me and only after it became a job, so I would love to discover again some enthusiasm while creating stuff.
These two jackets have been nice to work with: one is for a mum and the other is for her daughter, who chose the fabrics all by herself -and only after her choice her mother decided to pick the same fabric. Hope you'll like them!

"This cake looks tasty! I should take a look at the ingredients and the recipe, maybe it's not that difficult..."

"Mh. No grams. Let's try another one"


Screw you, I'm gonna blacklist half of the WWW :birdsite:

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I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat) I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
Everybody look at me
'Cause I'm sailing on a boat (sailing on a boat)

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More nice stuff means more cake. One day I will stop baking cakes, but not today.
This one is something between a tart and a crumble: I just made too much dough and I thought that folding the edges wouldn't be too big of a deal but I was wrong. Unluckily it doesn't look that nice like this, but the taste is oh so sweet. The filling is made of ricotta and handmade strawberry and rhubarb jam.
If you know any nice cake recipe I could bake please let me know :blobcatmelt:

More backstory: I made the full shirt in 5 hours and a half. And by "whole shirt" I mean I traced the pattern from a shirt he already own, put it onto paper, checked if everything was correct, cut and sewed. This time I'm proud of myself, and it doesn't happen that often.

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These last few days have been pretty heavy, but luckily some nice things happened so I want to keep track of them. Here some which are more professional than usual!
Being a professional seamstress means that I no longer sew for myself or my loved ones, since I had to sew too much, but this time I really wanted to make something for my husband, so I sewed a Lego shirt! It's still missing its buttons because he really wants some Lego buttons too.

Did I already tell you that I used to think I sucked at cooking? One of the first cakes I baked, more than 10 years ago, was undercooked, so I decided that I shouldn't have to cook anymore. And that's stupid.
Luckily this year I've decided that I should be less harsh on myself, so I started cooking -especially baking- again.
French apple tart with sablée shell, lemon pastry cream and apples. Looks nice, I still have to taste it, I'm waiting for the right moment!

Once again, I made it! I finally have more to share with you.
This time is a black taffeta shrug with tulle sleeves: the bodice is fully lined while the tulle seams are binded with satin bias.
Pretty dramatic, isn't it?

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LB: I’m seeing an uptick in nice stuff from .social in particular that I can’t boost because the images aren’t described. Please consider adding descriptions to your posted images if that’s possible for you

Aaaaaannnnnddd I totally lost them. I have no idea where they went. OMG they're really walking and decided to escape from here :blobcatmeltcry:

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S., autrice di questa lettera pubblicata su Valigia Blu (valigiablu.it/grandi-dimission) ci chiede aiuto per raccogliere testimonianza di precarietà simile alle sue, che sappiamo essere estremamente comuni in alcuni ambiti del settore tech.

Se vi ritrovate nel modo in cui racconta la sua esperienza lavorativa, scriveteci a info@twc-italia.it e vi metteremo in contatto

Cerco testimonianze per aggiornare la lettera e proporre una rubrica (?) per tenere il focus acceso sull'argomento precarietà e sfruttamento. Se avete storie che avete vissuto in prima persona in topic potete rispondere a questo toot. Grazie!


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Ho raccontato la mia storia e quella di altre persone a me care su Valigia Blu. Perchè de "i giovani non vogliono lavorare" mi sono rotta da tempo il cazzo che non ho.


Yaaaay! Exciting new arrivals for our garden!

These are bulbils of Egyptian walking onions, a strange variety which does not make flowers but just produces smalls bulbils on top of their leaves. After growing, these bulbils will be heavy enough to bend the onion's leaves so they will be able to plant themselves, hence the "walking onion" name.
Aren't they the cutest? :blobcatmeltlove:


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