I think I could suggest people a new kind of fun fun fun game: why bothering taking the envelope away from the things you buy? Just throw them away after buying, if you have to make me find an anthurium like this in the dumpster.
C'mon, it's brand new. It's making new leaves and flowers right now. Yeah, a couple of leaves are yellow, but maybe they're old, maybe they just need a few drops of fertiliser.
Well, your loss, my gain.

Took a pretty long hike today, 17km. The seaside and the trails surrounding it are stunning without tourists around. Yeah, obviously I hate tourists. I've started even hating myself as a tourist, so I'm always trying to live places and not just to visit them.
Here we were really close to Cinque Terre: luckily these places are not that famous so you can still enjoy silence and nature.
And now I'm so tired.

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Today’s card is The Sun, wishing you warmth and light and renewal today

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hot sauce 

Forgot to post pictures of the 160+ oz of hot sauce I made from ~80 jalapeños and three red poblanos from the garden.

People who cook!
I would love to bake an apple cake, not an apple pie. The recipe which looks tastier to me says I need some dark rum, but right now I don't have any alcohol at home. Which kind of flavour can I add in order to make my cake tastier? I only can think about the usual cinnamon and ginger.

Chili peppers: a story.
When we transplanted the chilies born indoors this winter it was rough for them: they didn't have enough light to strengthen and were weak against the wind. The week after the transplant we went checking them and, after a quick look, I started crying, bawling "They're all dead!".
Well, this is how the "dead plants" look right now. Did I already mention how I'm always too much apprehensive?
BTW, does someone recognise which kind of chili is it?

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Today’s card is The Star, wishing you hope and comfort and healing today, and an end to bad times

I'm sorry for the unprofessional pictures, but this is the only thing I've been able to sew in a month and I needed to take a picture of it ASAP. I was thinking about a genderless cardigan and I hope I've achieved my goal. It's made by 8 different fabrics, in my effort to upcycle the little pieces of fabric I don't use after finishing sewing a "classic" item of clothing.
I hope it will find an owner soon :blobcatmeltlove:

Ragù alla bolognese, definitely not suitable neither for vegetarians nor for vegans. First time for us trying the original recipe, we changed just one or two things. First thing you need in order to make ragù? An awful lot of time, at least 4 hours. Grounded beef and pork, tomato sauce, carrots, onions, celery, white wine, broth, milk, heavy cream, oil and patience.
But all of this time was so well spent, the result is delicious. Pasta al forno is a heaven's gift.

It's the 13th of October and I'm still harvesting fresh tomatoes. What should I say, yaaaay for climate change? :blobfacepalm:
BTW, the golden ones are from @opensourcegardens seeds and they're still as amazing as the first day I collected them.

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Join me for a free online presentation about vermicomposting for small spaces. We'll explore the amazing benefits of worm castings, general worm husbandry, and how to get started.

No signup required, just mark your calendar. A presentation link will be available at sensorstation.co when the date gets closer.

@gardening #vermicompost #organicgardening

🐛 🌿 ✨

Pictures you can smell: basil from our garden :blobcatmeltlove: pesto-like sauce it's gonna be ready soon!

Off topic, sewing 

Well, since yesterday I found that here is full of artists looking for a community in the Fediverse, here I am! These are just a part of the latest dresses I made. I am -used to be?- a professional seamstress. I've been working by myself for almost 8 years, promoting my job only through mainstream social media. Unfortunately, loneliness and anxiety led me to a very dark place and right now I'm not sewing, just working in our garden. But this is what I'm able to do.

Annnnnd here we are!
My apple pie looked like this just right out from the oven. Now it deflated a little bit but hey, still looks like a huge success! Tomorrow we'll see if it's going to pass the taste test too. And I was so worried. I always worry too much, it's just such a useless waste of energy. Now that I know that I've got the power, next it's going to be an apple cake. Yeah, our house is full of apples, how did you know?

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My has been emerging for a bit over a week, I'm excited to see if I get flowers! I planted these last autumn and the seller said they should produce this year.

I'm just glad I managed not to kill them!! I was half expecting nothing to come up, especially considering that ants took over the pot in the summer. 😬

First attempt EVER at apple pie. Ugly as fuck, I know, I'm sorry. But usually my husband is the one who cooks -not just usually, basically always- so I thought that I have to stop thinking "I'm not good enough for cooking" and start trying.
Right now this ugly baby is in the oven and I just have to wait. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :blobcatmeltcry:

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Finally getting around to processing the pumpkins and making seed snacks. I'm going to try different spice combinations with each batch.

Batch 01/04 - After a salt water boil, I tossed these with a bit of olive oil, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast, then roasted until toasty. 👍 Perfectly crunchy and flavorful.

🎃 #fedifoodie

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You don't need a job to survive.

You need clean water, healthy food, and safe housing to survive.

Under capitalism, however, all of those things have associated price tags. Hence the popular myth of "needing" a job to survive.

Survival should not be a subscription service.


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