Non vegan food.
Finally we managed to find Lao Gan Ma sauce and yeah, it's really as delicious as they say.
Husband made a quick broth with vegetables from our garden, eggs from his brother's chickens, some meat scraps and this precious chilli sauce on top.
It tasted like heaven.

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I'm making a tiny basket out of dandelion stems!
Its been finicky and took me a while to figure out. But its coming along!

Two birds with a stone: fabrics and flowers!
Today I bought this lovely fabric at a local vintage market.
Unluckily I can only recognise the bougainvillea flowers: can you help me naming them all?
Thank you so much :blobcatmelt:

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These little strawberry seedlings are already putting out runners

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Here we are, plant of the day!
Yeah, I have way too many plants, I already know it, I'm sorry for the overtooting but I do really love them.
The name of the Medinilla Magnifica speaks for itself, as it truly is a magnificent plant.
Bought it in January, its gorgeous flowers were just starting to bloom. Right now those flowers created just more inner flowers, as you can see in the second picture, and lots of new couple of leaves are starting to grow.

First experiment planting trees: luckily a success.
Last autumn we collected some ginkgo biloba seeds, 15 or something. After cleaning and drying we put them into the fridge and we forgot about them until late February. We put them in a pot and kept them moist and, after less than a month, yay! 10 of them have sprouted. Their leaves are already stunning. Right now our only concern is "Where TF are we gonna plant 10 ginormous-to-be trees?"


Here we are, alive and kicking! I'm so happy! Can't wait to see the flowers fully blossom. @plants

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Non vegan food: lovely cheesecake made by my husband, wild strawberries and mint directly from our garden.
It was great, just great.

Trigger warning: spiders and aphids.

Nice flowers from the garden: onion -with a great green spider on it-, pole pea and potatoes. Never seen a potato flower before this year: they look pretty nice, despite the tons of aphids on them. Can't wait to taste my own potatoes :_earth:

More ! Yeah, I definitely enjoy looking for stuff in the dumpster, maybe I was a trash panda in my previous life, who knows.
These look pretty thirsty, but thirst is always better than rot, right?
These are a before and after a serious cut: can you recognise them? The one on the right looks like a small carnation, but I can't understand what could be the one on the right.

Carnivorous plants! Does anyone have some? This is my new sarracenia. It's been pretty difficult dealing with the light: it needs a lot (about 6 hours per day) of direct sunlight and I don't have this much around my house. Hope it's not gonna suffer in the long run.

Let's keep on with !

This is my lovely last finding: bright yellow chrysanthemums, taken away from the dumpster. I've stopped asking myself why people throw away completely fine stuff, I just can't understand.


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