First tomato harvest of the season :blobcatmelt:
Yeah, I know, six tomatoes are pretty much ridiculous but they're from our garden, and they're from our seeds too!
No plants bought this year, except from 4 aubergines and 3 zucchinis. Everything we managed to collect was born from seed or root. Right now we're still far from self sufficiency, but the path is the right one. We will make it!

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change your pronouns, change your name, be outrageously queer (in a way that makes your younger self smile), buy that nail varnish, wear that skirt, get that tie, talk to that cat, do that time warp again

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If you're happy and you know it clap your hands :blobcatmelt: oh well, right now I can't :blobcatpeek:


Here we are, after the huge success with the Nepenthes x Ventrata, I've found this small baby at a local hardware store and I had to take it home. The label said Bloody Mary but it's so tiny I really can't say if it's true or not.
Does anyone have experience with this kind?
Boosts welcome!

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So, in the first picture there are two plants born fro the @opensourcegardens seed. They look pretty much the same but, if you take a closer look, they are so different! In the second picture you can see some green horn-shaped peppers with white and purple flowers, while in the third you clearly see some round black peppers. What happened? That's so strange! @plants

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I'm gonna pretend this is some kind of exotic place and not this close to home.

I'm kinda getting emotional here. My life is fucked on multiple levels right now, but the garden is helping me staying focused and always looking for something positive.

I've never seen a chili pepper flower this beautiful before :blobcatmelt:
Now I'm waiting for the peppers themselves!

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#FloraIncognita and #PlantNet are both similar apps to identify plants via your smartphone. Both are scientific projects, funded with public money - one in Germany, one in France. They are however not #OpenSource, do not share data via Open Standards nor let reuse their trained AI models. No #DigitalSustainability, no cooperation model, no future.

Anyone here knows about an existing open source plant identification app?

@plants #publiccode
@avanc @c0c0bird

Solanum torvum, or devil's fig.
Has anyone ever tried to grow it? Has it been successful? Did you manage to innest it? With tomatoes, peppers or aubergines?
Well, already too many questions :bloblewd:
I would love to hear some answers, so boosts are appreciated!

I fucking love this Nepenthes x Ventrata. When I took it home last winter, after I've bought it, it suddenly started drying the pitchers and I regretted so many times buying it I just can't count them. But dang, look at the new pitchers right now! Their colour is stunning! Such a deep and vibrant red. And their size too!
I'm just a proud momma bragging about my children :blobcoffee:

Stuff about bisexuality 

I would be glad to hear your stories about bisexuality. Do you think it's possible to discover to be bisexual even if you've never had any actual intercourse with a person of your same sex? And even if you've already married your partner? I would just love to be really sincere with myself, I'm not interested in looking for someone else.

Sunny aubergines in our garden.
Mulch keeps their roots safe and cool. Hope this year they will perform better, since last year after only a couple of fruits they started kinda drying and rotting together and we still haven't understood why.

Pretty in pink, fittonia verschaffeltii.
Someone told me to keep it away from direct light and to keep the soil always moist.
Well, I'm making quite the opposite and it looks gorgeous.

@plants here we are, a new pitcher :blobcatmeltlove: you can clearly see how this plant loves the sun: the older pitchers are greener but, as the weather lately is way sunnier, the newest trumpet is more red.
I would love to have a sarracenia purpurea too... I think I will have to buy it, it's really too beautiful.

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